Recruiting: Aluko Is Strong DL Prospect

One of the Texas targets for Oklahoma State that may not get as much publicity but certainly is worthy is Alief Elsik defensive lineman Emmanuel Aluko. The 6-3, 270-pound Aluko is capable of a 4.8 in the 40-yard dash. He has a bench press max of 315 pounds and a squat max of 500 pounds.

He is so valuable to the Elsik Mighty Rams that he plays left tackle on offense and defensive end, although many schools feel his best place at the college level will be inside on the defensive line at the coveted tackle position. Aluko said he has enjoyed recruiting so far.

"Yes sir, I've heard from Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Tennessee, Kansas, LSU, and that's about it," said Aluko. "The coaches have called and they have come by the school. We are in our last week of spring football."

Some schools in Texas have a spring game, but Aluko said Elsik does not and they will just finish up practice on Friday. He told us that his grades are in good order and we felt foolish about the question when he told us what he is considering for a college major.

"Pre Law," answered Aluko, laughing with us about the grades question. "I don't have any favorite school yet, really just anywhere where I can play football. I am going to camps this summer. I plan on going to Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas A&M. I am thinking right after the summer, in August, is when I would like to have a decision and make a commitment."

Aluko is a bright young man and his physical skills make him a valuable prospect as evidenced by the schools that have shown interest.

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