Recruiting: Eddie Brown Is Big And Fast

Defensive tackle Eddie Brown of Waller, Texas, is 6-2, 265 pounds and lightning quick. How quick? Well, he ran the 100 meters for Waller in a track meet this spring. He also plays baseball and is the designated runner and has stolen a number of bases this season. Most sources list Brown as a 4.6 in the 40-yard dash, but he recently clocked in at 4.53. WHEW!

"Yes sir, I had a 4.53," said Brown. "I also play running back and fullback. Last season I played defensive end on defense, but this year they have me playing defensive tackle."

Brown also competes in wrestling and powerlifting along with the previously mentioned sports. Spring football has a week to go and he has seen a number of coaches come through and check out practice.

"I'm enjoying recruiting," said the fastest big man in the Texas schoolboy ranks. "I've heard from Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana Tech, McNeese, Nebraska, Minnesota and Auburn. I thought that I wanted to get it over and make a decision early but now I think I want to wait and see what my options are."
Waller has solid grades and said he wants to major in history in college. Brown told me he is scheduled to take his first college board test on June 19 when he will try the ACT. I don't think he'll have any problem qualifying. He is a very polite young man that speaks intelligently and seems to really care about how he is perceived even over the phone.
This summer he plans to be busy checking out schools as well. "I'm going to Texas A&M's camp," he said. "I'm going to go to the OSU camp in Houston (May 30), and my coach wants me to go to Texas camp."

There is no doubt he'll impress coaches wherever he goes because not many 6-2, 265 pounders can routinely steal bases on the baseball diamond.

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