MattBob's Baseball Report-Bedlam

The Oklahoma State Cowboys were just one out away from watching history repeat itself. Last season the Cowboys swept the Sooners in the regular season only to be run-ruled in a tough loss to OU in the Big 12 Tournament. The Cowboys carried a 8-2 lead into the bottom of the eighth inning on Friday night only to see their lead disappear in heart-breaking loss to the rival Sooners.

Oliver Odle got the start on the mound and held the Sooners in check all night. Odle gave up 10 hits to the Sooners, but "Double O's" pitching style forces ground balls. Those 10 hits only accounted for two Sooner runs. Helped out by a deep power alley in the Bricktown Ballpark, Odle threw an impressive seven innings of work.

This season the Cowboys have struggled to get good starts out of their starting pitching, but the bullpen carried the Cowboys to the second best ERA in the Big 12. In the Big 12 Tournament, the Cowboys have gotten outstanding starts only to see the bullpen falter late in the game. If there is any positive to be taken from this tournament it is that the Cowboys have made progress getting better and better starts the last few weeks. This will be very important next week in regionals when the Cowboys match up with teams with outstanding starters.

Ty Wright had been in a bit of a slump, but not any more. Ty collected three hits on the night, including his third triple of the season. He would add only his fifth steal in the effort.

Tyler Mach collected two doubles on the night, bringing his total for the season to 23. His 23 doubles brings him into a tie for the 10th-best season in Cowboy history.

The Cowboys have been beaten twice in the Big 12 Tournament by teams they swept in the regular season. The Pokes hope for their own piece of redemption Saturday as they face a Mizzou team that swept the Pokes in the regular season. Missouri will send their very talented No. 2 pitcher Zagone to the mound. Zagone throws a hard fast and slider. In the first match up, the Cowboys were able to generate four runs against Zagone.

Missouri is an overall bad match up for the Cowboys in Bricktown. Missouri's offense puts the ball in play through bloop and short swing shots that drop in. In Stillwater, this coupled with Cowboy defensive errors led to Missouri wins. The ballpark in Bricktown plays much better to this style of play than Allie P. Reynold's Stadium does.

Missouri, like the Cowboys ,entered the tournament as a pool favorite, only to jump out of the gate with an 0-2 start. Both teams will be interested in displaying some strength to the selection committee in the last game either will play. Missouri is trying to get a host site, and the Cowboys are trying to improve seeding.

As it stands now, the Cowboys have played their way out of a possible host site and into a possible No. 3 seed with their poor season finish. The selection committee doesn't care about conference tournaments, but the Cowboys are plagued by a poor RPI (currently No. 48), and a poor finish is the only an excuse the committee needs to punish the Cowboys for their non-conference schedule.

A loss Saturday could mean the Cowboys are a three seed in an extremely talented regional or possibly a bad two seed. Normally a two seed would be ideal, but it's likely the Cowboys could be headed to a two seed of one of the top 4 teams, a situation no team wants. A good win Saturday could help stave off the committee from sending the Cowboys to Houston to face No. 1 overall Rice.

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