Hoops Recruiting: Anthony Jones Q&A

Although Oklahoma State already has two commitments in Troy Gillenwater and Keiton Page for its next recruiting class, and those two will fill the Cowboys' allotment of 13 scholarships, that doesn't mean that the OSU coaching staff has quit recruiting. One player the Cowboys are after is 6-9, 195-pound Anthony Jones of Yates High School in Houston. GoPokes visited with Jones on Tuesday afternoon.

Jones, ranked as the 63rd-best player in the nation by Scout, averaged 14 points, 12 rebounds, 2.9 steals and 2.2 assists a game in leading Yates to a 26-8 record last season as a junior. He shot an amazing 59 percent from three-point range (although he just took 34 shots from behind the arc) and 83 percent from the free-throw line.

GoPokes.com: What are you plans now that school is out for the summer?
Jones: To work out, and just chill.

GoPokes.com: What team are you playing for this summer?
Jones: The T-Mac All-Stars.

GoPokes.com: Do you have a full schedule planned playing for them?
Jones: We have one tournament in July in Cincinnati, and a couple in Houston and then we go to Vegas. We've already played in three or four tournaments.

GoPokes.com: Are you pleased with how this past high school season finished up?
Jones: It went good. It could have been better. We were on our way to the (state playoff) quarterfinals and we got disqualified. They said we had an ineligible player.

GoPokes.com: What was your best game last season?
Jones: I can't think of any one game. I was pretty consistent all season.

GoPokes.com: Let's talk recruiting. Which schools are you hearing from the most and recruiting you the most?
Jones: Baylor, Texas and Oklahoma State.

GoPokes.com: Those three have all offered, right?
Jones: Yes, they've offered.

GoPokes.com: What other schools have offered?
Jones: Texas A&M, Arizona, Tennessee.

GoPokes.com: Do you have a favorite?
Jones: Probably Baylor.

GoPokes.com: What other schools are in your top three or four?
Jones: Texas is up there, and Oklahoma State and Texas A&M.

GoPokes.com: Do you have any visits planned?
Jones: No, not yet.

GoPokes.com: What's your timetable for making a decision?
Jones: I would like to before the season starts.

GoPokes.com: So you'd like to sign during the early November signing period?
Jones: Yeah.

GoPokes.com: What are going to be the deciding factors in which school you sign with?
Jones: The one where I can get the most playing time as a freshman. That's going to be the number one factor.

GoPokes.com: Describe your game for someone who has never seen you play.
Jones: I think I play a little like Lamar Odom, a point forward-type player.

GoPokes.com: You're listed as being 6-9, is that correct?
Jones: I'm up to about 6-9 1/2, pushing 6-10. I weigh about 195.

GoPokes.com: What are your strengths as a player?
Jones: I can handle the ball, shoot it, make good decisions.

GoPokes.com: What do you need to improve to become a better player?
Jones: Mainly, my strength.

GoPokes.com: What are you doing to work on that?
Jones: I'm really starting to get into the weight room, and I'm doing push-ups every night.

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