Recruiting: Lewis-Moore Is Methodical

By far one of the most impressive prospects to talk with in the 2008 recruiting class is Kapron Lewis-Moore. The 6-5, 230-pound defensive end out of Weatherford, Texas is one sharp young man. We caught up with him on Monday (June 25) between cleaning his room and getting a couple of bites of chicken.

"No, I've got time. I'm not really cleaning my room that much," said Lewis-Moore.

This summer he has really stayed busy with working out and playing some local tournament with his teammates on the Weatherford varsity basketball team, but he did get away a week and a half ago for an unofficial visit to Oklahoma.

"We went up there, I tagged along with a friend of mine, Mika Driver," explained Lewis-Moore. "He is going up there to school and had to go up to register and so I hung out with him. I really did like what I saw. I didn't expect to get blown away, but I liked it a lot. The facilities are pretty nice and I talked to Coach (Kevin) Wilson. He was the only coach I talked to. You know I did part of it as a student and not a football recruit. I went on a tour with the other new students and that was a good way to do it."

The talented defensive end, who had 50 tackles and six sacks last season, said he is surprised with how much attention he has received. Lewis-Moore is up to over 20 offers.

"I am surprised by how much attention I've been getting," he said. "I see I'm ranked here and ranked there, but I'm just going out there and doing something I love, playing football. I do my thing. It's good because I've been meeting a lot of people and I'm having fun with it."

He also said it gets old sometimes with people asking him which colleges he's looking at. "Some people are just nosy," he said. "And some you can really talk to."

With that we told him we needed to get nosy. "I don't have any top schools yet," he said although Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Baylor get mentioned in reports most often. "I want to see all the schools that have offered me, and for me to go see a school they will have to have offered me."

Lewis-Moore is taking his time, so don't expect anything quickly. He is going through the recruiting process in a methodical and careful fashion.

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