Sun Greets Cowboy Workouts

For the first time in a week, because of the drastically wet conditions in the Stillwater area, the Oklahoma State football squad on Monday was able to conduct their player run "metabolic" team practice. The metabolic term is a big one, but just think of it as synonymous for player-run practices.

There were 85 players out for the 5:30 p.m. session that included pat-n-go throwing and catching drills with the quarterbacks and receivers, separate work with the offensive line running through blocking combinations for plays against different defensive looks, running back skill drills, and other individual drills for defensive backs, linebackers, and defensive linemen.

The one-plus hour practice concluded with full team work, offense versus defense. The linemen get after it pretty good, but there is no tackling as players are in shorts and T-shirts.

Just a couple of observations from Monday: Adarius Bowman is prepared to pick up where he left off last season as he made a sensational catch deep on the sideline getting just a step on cornerback Martel Van Zant but still making the catch before going out of bounds due to some healthy contact with Van Zant. After the catch Van Zant, who knew he had done about all he could do, congratulated and high-fived Bowman.

Another sensational catch came from Artrell Woods on a simple out as the ball was thrown short and to the outside, but Woods made a diving attempt and got his hands under the ball for a clean catch despite the defensive players all on the sidelines signaling an incompletion.

The quarterbacks are all throwing well and newcomer and former minor league pitcher Brandon Weedon throws a very good ball -- deep, short, out, fade, rope. He can throw just about anything. All of the quarterbacks are throwing well, but seeing Weedon for the first time was impressive.

There isn't a lot you can get from these workouts other than athletic skills and how well certain players know the system. The freshmen, especially the newly reported ones, are still unfamiliar with the offense and defense, and it shows.

The wide receivers look good as a group as Dez Bryant looks the part and has the body to play quickly. Josh Cooper and Hubert Anyiam both looked sharp and caught the ball well. Damian Davis sticks out as the 6-6 plus wide receiver is very thin at a reported 165 pounds, but he does catch the ball and with some added weight could be a major target for the future.

Wilson Youman reported at 6-5, 230 pounds and ran a 4.6 and change. He played defensive end in the Bayou Bowl and was one of the most impressive performers for the winning Louisiana squad in the game. He could be a freshman that plays immediately, and maybe on defense. Other freshmen times known include Adrian Moore at 4.5, Anyiam at 4.44, and William Cole at 4.4 flat.

As a group the offensive linemen are in great shape, no bellies at all. The defensive linemen have improved, especially Jeray Chatham, who gets my award for most changed physique. Chatham looks very similar to what Larry Brown looked like last summer, much more cut and muscular.

As a whole, the squad looks to be in very good shape. The linebackers continue to be an impressive group even beyond Donovan Woods, Patrick Lavine, Chris Collins, and Jeremy Nethon. Keep an eye out for Orie Lemon, as he has a chance to be a very good player too.

The player-run workouts last about an hour, start at 5:30 p.m and are held on Monday and Thursdays with individual oriented workouts on Tuesdays.

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