Brothers From Another Mother?

A lot of good numbers -- like 35.2 points per game, 409.8 total yards per game, more than 200 yards passing and rushing per game, 27 touchdown passes with only 11 interceptions, and 28 rushing touchdowns with only 10 fumbles lost -- were what made the 2006 Oklahoma State offense good. But, according to offensive coordinator Larry Fedora, those numbers have been erased with the 2007 season nearing.

Fedora, the Oklahoma State offensive staff and the Cowboy players now have a blank canvas to work with. If 2006 was an offensive masterpiece then 2007 has a chance to be better than a Rembrandt. A number of returning playmakers and two talented quarterbacks should make this season a lot of fun for the game planner and play caller.

"It's been a lot of fun," said Fedora of the first couple of practices. "First, I've been able to bring out things in the playbook that have been gathering dust, so we're able to add those things. Second, it's so much fun because you know what their capabilities are and you are able to challenge them day in and day out to be even better, and remind them that this 2007 offense hasn't done anything yet."

Fedora doesn't seem to get them but through the spring and into the summer fans were asking who would be the quarterback. Bobby Reid is a ballyhooed standout that at 6-3, 235 pounds and possessing great ability to run is the quarterback.

Reid's numbers as a sophomore last season were better than fellow Houston product, Texas Longhorn standout and current Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young. Reid threw for 2,266 yards with 24 touchdowns and only 11 interceptions. He ran for another 500 yards and five touchdowns. He had a couple of clunker games, mainly at Texas and Oklahoma, but Reid is proven with two years left to play.

Some fans want Zac Robinson. The most popular player on the team is always the backup quarterback. Robinson, at 6-3, 205 pounds, completed 25-of-51 passes for 345 yards for three touchdowns, and no interceptions. He also rushed for 144 yards and a touchdown on 29 carries.

Make no mistake, Reid is the quarterback, but the two get along really good. That section on the playbook that was dusted off, or some of which may be totally new, is good to go in part because Reid and Robinson are so comfortable working together.

"I tell people he is like my brother from another mother," said Reid of Robinson. "We're with each other all day, every day. We don't hang out much together away from football but when it is football oriented stuff I'm always with him and he's always with me. We lift together, watch film together, and we have that brother-from-another-mother thing."

"It's great," added Robinson of the relationship, which often also includes Alex Cate and Brandon Weeden along with new walk-on quarterback Zac Dickey. "The whole off-season and this summer the quarterbacks are always together, whether it is in meetings, lifting, running. We've been pushing each other and joking around with each other and having fun while we do it. Our relationship is great and definitely over the last year we've learned a lot about the position each of us is in. It's a good relationship."

That relationship gets a new twist this season as Reid and Robinson will be on the field at the same time. Last year the Cowboys did that some, just as they had with Donovan Woods and Reid the season before, until Woods moved to defense. The offensive invention or dusting off of the playbook is kept quiet, but Robinson is happy for the opportunity to contribute and be on the field with Reid. It's a phase of the offense that will be entertaining, but should make both players and other playmakers better.

"It definitely feels good," said Robinson. "I'm a quarterback, but I'm able to do different things and that feels good. I'm anxious to see what Coach Fedora and all the offensive staff can put together.

"I know that I will be in the game plan every week, and I will be coming to the stadium with the idea that I'm going to play," explained Robinson. "And if it extends past that role then I will be ready to go. If not, then I will stick with what they've got for me."

Practice closes on Tuesday and under the cover of a fence tarp and practice field privacy Reid and Robinson will rep their duo act. Fans should be excited, opponents will be curious, and Reid and Robinson will continue their brother act.

"To be honest with you that may be the most important aspect, that these guys enjoy each other and they like being around each other," added Fedora "They are very competitive with each other."

Last season that competition spilled over, especially in the OU game where the two shared the quarterback job. That won't happen this season. The brothers from other mothers hope to disappoint and frustrate a lot of mothers -- at least mothers of opposing defensive players.

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