Cowboy Football Practice Notes: Day 14

The movie the Cowboys attended Tuesday afternoon instead of practicing was the Bourne Ultimatum, which drew good reviews from the team. Head coach Mike Gundy scrapped the second practice of the day - the final two-a-days scheduled - after the team's morning workout. It could have been any movie as the cold theater was a hit but the players did like the movie starring Matt Damon.

"I'm glad they left it open to another sequel," said deep snapper Zach Allen of the third in the Bourne series starring Matt Damon.

The parade of pro scouts continued on Wednesday as scouts from the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers and St. Louis Rans were all on hand to size up Cowboy players.

Most student dread the end of summer and the start of school, but college football players learn to love the start of classes for obvious reasons.

"I'm actually pretty excited about the first day," said senior right guard David Koenig. "I'm a senior and pretty close to graduating, so I'm extremely excited.

"I'm ready, ready to get a little break," said sophomore running back Keith Toston. "The summer was like a whole other season, so we're ready to start the real season."

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