Moody Says OSU Is In The Running

It pays sometimes to keep records and old phone lists. After two days of leaving messages former USC Trojans running back and Pac-10 Offensive Newcomer of the Year Emmanuel Moody returned my call Saturday morning. Moody was very mature and collected on the phone, but guarded in what he said about his decision to leave USC and where he's looking to transfer.

"I'm ready (to go through recruiting again). I have to," said Moody when asked if he was ready to repeat the process that landed him at USC a year and a half ago.

"Right now, I'm just checking out schools and I have a good idea of the schools where I would like to be. I'll share some of what I'm thinking. I want to be somewhere in the fall (Division I and not at home or a junior college). Oklahoma State is definitely one of the schools that I am interested in right now."

Moody said he didn't want to list schools but did say he had started contacting schools and that he has also received a number of phone calls and text messages.

"Today I'd like to check with some schools and line up some visits," he added.

One of the factors holding up the process is his uncertainty of which schools have received a copy of his release from USC. We did learn Friday that Oklahoma State was one of the schools which did receive a fax copy of that release.

Our interview with Moody was very low key and once I clearly stated that I was a reporter I also added that he should only answer any questions or reveal what he was comfortable with. I did not ask about USC and the reasons for his transfer.

Moody said he would know a lot more and invited me to call him back on Monday.

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