Larry Fedora: Getting The Explosion Back

The world's most explosive offense was curtailed to being a fire cracker rather than a bomb last Saturday in Georgia's Sanford Stadium. It's almost as if the Cowboys were searched and security guards forced them to leave their explosive plays outside the 92,000-seat football expo.

Georgia didn't explode on offense either, using a rather simple game plan to control the clock and the scoreboard while keeping the OSU offense off the field most of the second half. It's not back to the drawing board for OSU offensive coordinator and his players but it is back to the meeting room and the practice field.

"Most urgent is just our execution, going back to the basics and doing the little things and having each player focus on his job and the task at hand," said Fedora. "Not worrying about the next play, the next play, or the next play, but on that play and his responsibility.

"It would make it easy if it was one guy that was making all the mistakes but it was someone different each time. As soon as we would get something going good then we had a breakdown. On the road in a hostile environment makes it that much more difficult to overcome those mistakes and we didn't overcome many of them," he said.

The cry is already being heard from some fans –- Bobby Reid isn't the quarterback they want. But hHe is the quarterback Fedora is going to use and stay with. It's just Fedora wants the Reid he knows as the trigger man to his multiple-spread attack. He admits that wasn't the Reid he saw Saturday and reviewed on the video on Sunday.

"I thought it was just very average," Fedora said of Reid's play against Georgia. "I don't think he did anything exceptional and I don't think he did anything to really hurt us. He just was out there, and for us to be successful Bobby has to make plays and the level of expectation has risen and he has to make plays for us to be successful. That's the way it goes with that position."

A position fans may see more in twos on Saturday against Florida Atlantic. The offensive package with Reid and Zac Robinson both on the field at the same time was used some at Georgia but may be used more against Florida Atlantic. Of course, sometimes Robinson is lined up at receiver and that group actually got some praise from the offensive coordinator.

"I tell you, as a group I thought they were the best group we had on the field," said Fedora of the wide receivers. "One, they blocked extremely well. Other than a couple of drops that Dez (Bryant) had they made plays when they had the opportunity."

Individually, it was tight end Brandon Pettigrew that drew compliments. A career high seven receptions for 85 yards and some standout blocks on at least two key plays will get that from Fedora.

"It was a situation that they were giving up some things to us with the tight end," explained Fedora. "Brandon did play extremely well. He still made some errors but that is going to happen. He played well enough for us to win this football game. They (quarterbacks) all know Brandon is going to make the play if they put it anywhere around him."

Florida Atlantic comes to Stillwater Saturday and they held a somewhat hapless Middle Tennessee offense to only 18 yards on 32 rushing attempts. They are a group, almost the same complete line up, that has gone against OSU the last two years. Fedora isn't taking anything for granted on Saturday as he tries to put the fireworks back in the Cowboy offense.

"They (FAU) aren't going to be intimidated and they are going to plan on taking it to us."

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