Beckman Is Proud Of The Cowboy Defense

Tim Beckman had a different view than he normally does of the action in his first home game as defensive coordinator. Beckman switched from the press box in the opening game at Georgia to the sideline for the 42-6 win over Florida Atlantic. What he saw was a much improved Cowboy defense that held the Owls to 203 yards of total offense, much better than the opener at Georgia.

"I'm proud of the way the kids responded to the coaching last week," Beckman said, "but we still have to get better as tacklers."

And how was that new vantage point? "It's good. I love looking at the kids in the eyes," said Beckman, who revealed he spent one season on the field as defensive coordinator at Bowling Green. "It's not something I have done a whole bunch of. It was a good change up for the kids and I loved being down there with them, but I think I lost nine pounds or something like that."

He may lose a little more weight this week from indigestion. Troy's offense is much better than Florida Atlantic's. In two weeks spent on the road in the SEC (at Arkansas and at Florida) Troy is averaging 356 yards a game on offense and 4.5-yards a play. It is not a surprise to Beckman as he knows Troy head coach Larry Blakeney.

"They have great coaches and I have a lot of respect for that program," said Beckman, who worked for Blakeney when he was a graduate assistant at Auburn. "It was a Division II program, a I-AA national contender, and now they are playing Division I football and heading in the right direction.

"It's a lot like what we do here (offensively)," continued Beckman in describing Troy on offense. "You have to put pressure on the quarterback and you have to be able to get the coverage taken care of. This offense is the new wave offense you'd say, and they do a great job with the scheme."

The offensive line averages 6-3, 313 pounds. The top running bac, Kenny Cattouse, is a 5-10, 205 pound bruiser. They spread the ball around to a number of receivers, and the man that makes it all work, quarterback Omar Haugabook already has more than 500 yards of total offense after going against the Razorbacks and the Gators.

"I think the quarterback (Omar Haugabook) is a very good football player," said Beckman. "They have three or four wide receivers that they spread the ball to, the running back is a slasher, so they have good talent."

Beckman sees similarities with the OSU offense which should have the Cowboys well prepared. Defensive line coach Nelson Barnes seessome similarities with Texas Tech with the wide offensive line splits.

"They are a very well-coached team and they have a philosophy that they believe in and they are going to follow, regardless of what you do," said Barnes. "They are going to throw the ball and they have a couple of run plays off their passing game that compliment what they do in the passing game, somewhat similar to what Texas Tech does. It's going to be a challenge, but it comes at a good time as we will see that offense two weeks in a row."

Beat Troy with its offense, and have a head start on preparing for conference-opening foe Texas Tech, that would be a very good plan.

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