Tuesday's Report: Good Attitude-Good Practice

In the last 24 hours, Oklahoma State's senior leadership has stepped up and the Cowboy players exited Tuesday's two-hour, 20-minute practice with smiles on their faces and apparently all in a good mood. Head coach Mike Gundy said it was a good practice with lots of effort in preparation for Texas Tech.

The Cowboy coaching staff has placed a premium on tackling and cover skills on defense going against the high octane Red Raiders spread offense and veteran quarterback Graham Harrell and freshman sensation wide receiver Michael Crabtree. The Cowboys have two major practices left Wednesday and Thursday in preparing for Tech.

Game Day Forecast
Game day Saturday is expected to be windy and sunny. The swirling wind and wind changes with the west end zone could cause for some problems with the Texas Tech spread passing attack. However, they are used to the wind in West Texas. The temperature range calls for a low of 64 degrees and a high of 91 degrees, which should be reached by the 2:30 p.m. kickoff.

Robinson Says He is Ready for Start Number Two It was hard to tell last Friday night that it was Zac Robinson's first start at quarterback for the Cowboys. The redshirt sophomore has that quarterback-cool aura about him. Robinson admitted this week that it was a little different from his successful relief performances last season against Texas A&M and this season in the 42-6 win over Florida Atlantic.

"It was a little bit different," said Robinson. "It was different playing the whole game. It had been awhile since I had done that, but I had fun. I know there is a lot of stuff I need to work on. Just being more patient and taking what they give us and not take the big ball deep or trying to squeeze a ball in, and instead just take off and go. We just need to take what the defense gives us and, hopefully, that will carry over into Saturday."

Offensive coordinator Larry Fedora said that is one reason that Robinson has taken over the starting assignment behind center. He isn't phased and keeps a calm personality in the face of the fast moving action out on the field.

"He is the same way, very low key," said Fedora. "I can't tell when he is upset or when he is happy. Nothing gets to him to be honest with you."

The 6-3, 215-pound Robinson has a solid and accurate arm, fleet wheels (he is actually a half a tick faster than Reid), and he absolutely absorbs a game plan even though sometimes, because he is so quiet, Fedora admits to needing to check that Robinson is still in the meeting room.

"It's a great demeanor for a quarterback," added Fedora. "He is very level-headed about everything. He has been that way since he got here and I would guess that has been the way he has been his whole life. He has been in some big games and has produced so I think his teammates have confidence in him."

Robinson is 33-of-58 passing on the season for 446 yards with four touchdowns and three interceptions. That last number he admits needs to go down. He has run for 88 yards on 15 carries. Another skill he is working on is leadership, and yes, he does do some talking during the game just not a lot of "in your face" type stuff.

"Really, just picking guys up on the sidelines when we are talking about what we are going to do," said Robinson on how he motivates his offensive teammates. "Just saying, 'Hey, we need to have a good drive here or we need to go down and score, big drive, take up some clock and rest our defense.'"

It's that quiet leadership that he considers one of his best traits, that and his running ability.

"Lead by example, I'm not a big rah-rah guy," said Robinson. "I'm just trying to take care of business. Running, and that is something you have to do by feel. You have that clock in your head and know when the rush is closing in and when it is time to take off and go."

What does this Oklahoma State offense need to really kick into high gear? Robinson knows how good Dantrell Savage can be, how good Kendall Hunter is showing he will be, and the running game can unlock the explosion everybody is wanting to see on offense.

"It takes us being able to run the ball and take the pressure off the quarterbacks and the receivers," said Robinson. "Those safeties start creeping up and we can throw up and over."

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