Jeremy Nethon Q&A

Oklahoma State linebacker Jeremy Nethon answered questions from members of the media during Monday's news conference in Stillwater. The senior from Beggs, Okla., talked about a variety of topics as he and his teammates prepare for Saturday's Big 12 opener against Texas Tech. Here is the transcript, or at the bottom of this story are the audio files.

Question: Was Friday night the low point in your football career?
Nethon: Every loss for me is a low point. It's not easy to handle a loss, but in the same aspect you have to take it in stride. It was a good quality team. Troy had good athletes, they had good coaching, and they went out there and played well. I give it to them. They were a good team and we just didn't go out there and perform. It's tough for me personally when you go out there and lose. No loss for me is different. Losing for me is not good.

Question: Mike Gundy said you guys practiced well and prepared well but still got beat. Does it boil down to effort?
Nethon: It's never effort with us. But there a little things that we can correct – ball security, tackling. The things that kill us are the fundamental things. We're just ready to get out there against Texas Tech, which is another good opponent, and go out and handle our business. It's tough to come back from a loss, but I have complete faith in the team.

Question: What's was the response to the loss from your teammates?
Nethon: Just not to let it happen again. When you go out there and prepare well for a team, and then you go out there and not preform well at times, it's frustrating, not only for me but for the rest of the team. We're just looking forward to getting out there and correcting the things that we did wrong.

Question: What's the vibe on the campus?
Nethon: I don't know. I really can't feel the vibe of it. For me, you talk to your friends and they're like, ‘What happened?' Other than that, we've got another game.

Question: When you look into the eyes of your teammates following this loss are you seeing what you want to see and the reaction you want to see?
Nethon: When you look at your fellow brother and teammate, you see how they feel after a loss. It's kinda the same throughout the group, but we're still looking forward to the next game. We take that in stride. We didn't play well in that game but the good thing about it is we have another week. Nobody likes losing. It's frustrating at times but we have a good vibe in the locker room.

Question: You've looked at the tape from the Troy game, right?
Nethon: Yes.

Question: Did it look like guys were in position to make plays on defense and it seemed like guys were just a step slow here and a step slow there?
Nethon: In football, that's how it is. It's a game of inches. If you're not in that inch area, plays happen. You make the right read, you make the right drop but if you're not in that certain area at that time, with a good team like Troy plays are going to happen. Going back and watching it, there are things we could have corrected, but they're a good team.

Question: What about Texas Tech?
Nethon: They run the same offense (as Troy). They're a lot better at the system. When you're going into a game coming off a team like that, I think it's extra preparation for a good, quality team like Texas Tech. They've always been good. They've got a good team, and they've got a good coaching staff. We've just got to take this game as every other one, and prepare well for it. But this game we need to go out there and execute it.

Question: Are there things that you did in preparing for Troy that will help you prepare for Texas Tech?
Nethon: Definitely. It's a fast-paced offense. It helps you prepare for a game like that. There are things that Texas Tech does differently, but in their own way they both do it well.

Question: How important is this game since it's the Big 12 Conference opener?
Nethon: It's very important. Going into Big 12, people say you can't take every game differently but I think our ultimate goal is to become Big 12 champions, and we have to take this game one step at a time. For me, I think it's a very important game to get our feet back and try to get a win at home.

Question: As a senior, what have you done to rally the troops?
Nethon: With the younger guys, when you come from high school where each loss is tough, it carries into college. Sometimes you frustrated, and (ask) ‘Why am I working out? Why am I doing this?' But you've just got to keep the younger guys heads up, and let them know that that was a tough loss, and you don't like how it feels, so let's do things better so you won't have to feel that again. It's more like an older brother telling a younger brother, ‘Keep your head up. It's going to be fine.' There's a bunch of leadership among the older and the younger guys, so lack of leadership is something that we really don't have. You just want to be there for your brother... be there and help him out, and say, ‘You know, it was a tough game but we can bounce back from this.'

Question: Do you view this week's game as a fresh start?
Nethon: We look at it as an opportunity to get a win, and another opportunity to play on Saturday. you can't look at every game as a token game or something like that. We just want to go out there and perform at the level we believe we can perform at, and get a win.

Question: When you play a team like Texas Tech do you have to make a decision to either try to get as much pressure on Graham Harrell as possible or do you try to sit back in coverage?
Nethon: There are different parts of the defense, but you always want to get pressure on the quarterback. You don't just want to sit back there and give them time to pass. We all need to get pressure on running backs, receivers and quarterbacks. It's not a game of let's just sitting back and letting him get the pass off. We've got to get pressure on him. He's a good quarterback, and throughout the season we'll face quarterbacks who are of his caliber, so we have to put pressure on them.

Question: You're not getting pressure on the passer, though. How do you go about getting pressure on the quarterback? Do you blitz more?
Nethon: Like I said, it's not an effort thing. It's more of a technique deal. We just need to hone on our techniques and get them better. We just need to get the pass-rushing better. It's not about the effort of the guys. We just need to finish what we do.

Question: But nobody gets sacks against Texas Tech. They've been sacked twice in 160 passing attempts in their first three games.
Nethon: You can't just say you cannot get a sack. To this point it has not happened, but there still is the chance, and you've got to put pressure on them. You can't go into it and say that no one has got a sack, so let's not try to do it. They might get rid of it quick but we want to put enough pressure on them to where when his quick releases happen there are people around the ball, there are people in his face because he is a good quarterback. No matter what you do, you have to put pressure on him. You just can't let him sit there, and he's a good quarterback. If you give him time, he'll make the right reads and the right passes, so you have to try to put some pressure on him.

Question: Have you had a chance to watch tape of Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree, who has 38 catches for 538 yards and eight touchdowns in just three games?
Nethon: I have seen him. I've watched film on him. He's a really good athlete, and it's someone that you can't take lightly. I don't think you can take anyone lightly in the league. We'll prepare well for it. We'll be ready.

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