Larry Fedora: Savage Turns On The Ignition

The numbers don't lie. Oklahoma State finished with 610 yards of total offense and 29 first downs in the edge of your seat 49-45 win over Texas Tech on Saturday. Here is a question: where would that yardage total and first downs total rank when compared to last season's offense?

Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da-da, da, da, da, da, boom, boom.

What is better than any offensive output last season in those two areas? Answered correctly in the form of a question. Those numbers are better than any game last season, including the smashing wins over Kansas and Baylor.

So, what brought on the explosion. My thought is Dantrell Savage and his return. The explosive dynamo of a back is the ignition switch to the offense. Offensive coordinator Larry Fedora agrees, sort of.

"One, I think everybody feels comfortable when he is back there because they know at any time he's going to make a play out of nothing, so you do that and it is simple," said the OSU offensive coordinator. "It's not just Dantrell, but we took care of the football. That is the simplest thing about it, you throw Dantrell back there and we took care of the football."

Dantrell also helps bring out the best in his young protege' in Kendall Hunter. You got the feeling the freshman was trying to play a game of anything you can do, I can do better.

"He has never said this but I'm sure he is out there trying to out-do Dantrell Savage," added Fedora. "He's Kendall Hunter and he wants people to know he's Kendall Hunter."

Guard Steve Denning, the new addition to the offensive line, did his part. All he did was go out and grade an impressive 84 in his first career start. "Denning really did a nice job for his first start," said Fedora. "You saw what (Andrew) Lewis did in his first game at center; he got us in the right spots up front. We were pleased with what those guys did."

We did forget somebody, quarterback Zac Robinson, who will ask his teammates to help out with a 21st birthday present on Saturday when the Cowboys host Sam Houston State. Robinson was smooth most of the game and finsihed with 327 yards of total offense.

"Our first drive we took it down and scored," said Robinson. "We got the running game going and we got the passing game going. I think that was big getting off to a good start. I felt good with the game plan, we had a good week of practice, and the game slowed down for me just a little."

"I thought he handled the offense really well," said Fedora of Robinson. "I thought we had almost no communication problems, only one quarterback-center exchange problem, but other than that, in the situation, I thought he did a heckuva job."

Now the chance is there to ring up some more big offensive numbers and they may be needed as Sam Houston State with deposed former OU quarterback Rhett Bomar at the controls will throw 50 to 60 times a game. Fedora says don't look for a let down of any kind. The Cowboys offense is just starting to have fun after a little of a delayed start.

"They'll have our full attention," said Fedora of Sam Houston State. "Our guys won't be looking ahead. We're not in a position right now where we can be so overconfident that we can over look somebody. We're going to come out and prepare like we do for every game and get after them."

Speaking of getting after it, Fedora is known to be fairly loud and explosive himself in the home coaches booth on game days. However, there are no holes in the wall of the home booth. There are now in the visitor's booth, two of them as a matter of fact, and a defensive coordinator at Tech that is no longer employed after Saturday.

"You are not going to put that on me.," laughed Fedora. "I've seen the whole glass knocked out before, right in front of my own eyes. When I was at Baylor, and we were at Tulsa, our defensive coordinator shook the whole thing (window) and the glass shattered."

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