Tim Beckman: Little Joy In This Win

Sure, the Cowboys defense gave up 710-yards of total offense and 636-yard passing to the high powered Texas Tech offense, but in the end the Cowboy defenders came up with two stops and Oklahoma State won the game so there was reason to celebrate. Forget those numbers! The Cowboys won, celebrate Saturday night, right?

"No, no, no, no," said defensive coordinator Tim Beckman. "No, I don't. I've never been in this situation. I don't like giving up that many points or that many yards. A win is a win and I love wins, but I don't like giving up 700 yards."

Yes, but the team won so it was a late arrival Sunday to grade and evaluate the game tape, right? "I've been tired, but you have to go back to the drawing board and do what you do right," said Beckman displaying heavy bags under his eyes.

Beckman and offensive line coach Joe Wickline were two coaches that got a head start on grading tape on Saturday night. It was good to see some plays that worked, but most of of it was more agonizing.

"We got two sacks and we had that pressure package that was working," said Beckman. "They hit us on one play on Jacob (Lacey) when we were bringing all out pressure. We had two guys in man coverage fall down and lose it. That hurt us, and then we're in cover two and our safety falls down. We fell down in man and fell down in zone. We have to keep our feet and make proper break angles. We have to play better as a whole, not just the front four, but as a whole."

It's no secret what is coming this Saturday with Sam Houston State. Rhett Bomar, the former Sooner, is coming back to the state and his season numbers read like this: 69-of-111 for 819 yards with eight touchdowns and two interceptions. The Bearkats are averaging 462 yards of total offense a game with a breakdown of 180 yards rushing and 282 yards passing. Bomar averages 323 yards of total offense a game.

"They are going to throw the ball now," said Beckman with certainty. "We've done a pretty good job of stopping the run, but we haven't stopped the pass at all, so we have to get back to stopping the pass. We have played four football games and three we didn't play well pass defense-wise and one we did, (against) Florida Atlantic and give them some credit they are winning football games.

"We have to make sure we're doing what we are supposed to do. Each player has a job and it is not to cover for someone else. It is to do their job and make sure to play what their responsibility is. On Saturday we had guys trying to overcome, for some reason, for something else that happened. You can't do that and be successful."

Safety Ricky Price is an example. "I sat down in my office with Ricky and it's his first game, first big game, as a defensive back and he falls down in cover two," explained Beckman.

"From then on he was playing soft. He was going to make sure he was deep enough and on a couple of cuts there he was too deep. We are talking 40 yards deep and it is a learning experience for him. I told him, 'Ricky you can't let one play effect you for 75 others. That is the life of a defensive back. You didn't have that problem as a wide receiver because you could go on to the next play. When you give up a big play like Saturday I know it hurts your pysche, so as a defensive back mentally we have to come back and respond positively.' You want them to learn from what has just happened, but not be effected by it."

Sam Houston is the last chance to get it right before entering the long haul of Big 12 play. Before you say, come on, they are a I-AA team, just remember that this defense is only batting .250 on good games out the first four, and a better batting average is a must before taking on the rest of the conference schedule that includes five of the top eight offenses in the league to date.

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