Larry Fedora: Plenty Of Room For Improvement

The Oklahoma State offensive totals from Saturday - 317 yards rushing, 551 yards of total offense, an average of 7.8-yards every time they snapped it, and a 45-14 win over Nebraska - were pretty impressive. There was also the 212 yards rushing and 30-yard finale touchdown by Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week Dantrell Savage.

Despite those gaudy numbers and accomplishments head coach Mike Gundy said the offensive line was average. Offensive Larry Fedora added the whole unit can do better.

Fedora had this to say after grading the video on Sunday. "That we have a lot of room for improvement," he said. "That was the thing in looking at it you know from the outside looking in you'd probably have thought that was about as good a game as can be played but there is room for improvement.

"Did we do a lot of great things? Yes, but the best thing we did do was we didn't have major mistakes. We had three penalties, no sacks, no turnovers, and no dropped balls and when you do that you have a chance. It was a good game and we did well, but we have room for improvement, I promise you."

OK, if it wasn't an offensive lineman then who had the best single block in the game. Yes, this is a trick question, but Fedora says it's not that tricky.

"The quarterback did," said Fedora of quarterback Zac Robinson's block on Savage's second quarter run that set up a touchdown. "It wasn't whimpy (Savage kidded that the block was whimpy). We actually pulled it off to show the whole team how you are supposed to cut block. Double D (Damian Davis) had a great block on Spud's (Kendall Hunter) 33-yard touchdown run down the left sideline. He cut the safety in half which ended up allowing him to score."

"We are pretty good blocking as a whole," said fullback Zach Carter of the offense and particularly the skill players. "We all take pride in that. The backs are all good on blitz pick up, we work that all the time. We work on blocking fundamentals as an offense every day."

This week that blitz pick up work will come into play as Kansas State comes in with the best pass rush defense in the conference. K-State is 31st overall in total defense in the nation, 27th in scoring defense, 28th in turnover margin, and 11th in the country in sacks. That includes the Big 12 sack leader in defensive end and outside linebacker Ian Campbell.

"They've given up, what, 100 yards rushing (actually 112 yards a game) and they're unhappy with that," said Fedora. "I think they are very talented all the way around. They may be saying that after the Colorado game because Colorado hit a few runs on them, but they didn't get much else out of it. They are very much a greedy defense. They want to stop you in every situation."

The Wildcats are also old as they start seven seniors, three juniors and only one sophomore on defense. One of those seniors is former walk-on and three-year starter Marcus Watts at free safety. Cowboy fans will remember him from last year as he blocked a punt that was returned for a touchdown and also defended a pass intended for Adarius Bowman in the end zone on the last play of the game. Watts is one example of how good this K-State defense is across the board.

"He is a heckuva player, right there with the rest of the secondary," said Fedora. "I think the entire secondary is really good and they are experienced. The linebackers are experienced. The defensive line is experienced. With mostly seniors and juniors on the field on defense that is a big advantage."

But so are Dantrell Savage, Adarius Bowman, Brandon Pettigrew, and that blocking machine at quarterback in Zac Robinson. Should be a good game, and hopefully the Cowboys can improve from that 45-14 win in Lincoln last Saturday.

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