Cowboy Football Report

As usual Tuesday was the heavy work day for the Cowboys and that included a lengthy special teams period as the kicking game could factor in big on Saturday. Kansas State leads the nation in punt returns. The Cowboys have been working for the past couple of weeks to bring their punt and kickoff return games back to the spectacular level they have had in past seasons.

The game plan goes in fully on Tuesday and the two-hour, 20-minute practice was fast paced and the work ethic strong. Head coach Mike Gundy has bragged on his team and the way they have gone about preparing for the past month. He talks about preaching to the team how they can't control a lot of factors but they can control how hard and aggressive that they prepare during the week and the effort with which they play on Saturdays.

Game Day Forecast
Get ready for a warm Homecoming Saturday as the high in Stillwater is projected at 81 degrees. The low is supposed to be 61 degrees. The forecast is for sunny skies and high winds, gusting to 20-30 mph. Kickoff temperature at 6:05 p.m. is expected to be 76 with the temperature at the end of the game 68. There is just a 10 percent chance of very scattered showers.

Zach Carter Takes Over At Fullback
If you haven't been paying attention, Oklahoma State has a new starting fullback in number 48, Zach Carter. The walk-on former linebacker from Kennesaw, Ga., made the move to offense in the spring, but the bigger move was how he wound up in Stillwater.

"I didn't qualify out of high school, so I had to go to junior college and wound up at Hutchinson, Kansas," explained Carter. "My linebacker coach there was J.Y. (graduate assistant Jason Young) and he came to Oklahoma State and I followed him here out of juco."

The ultra polite Carter is one of those types of players that if you keep an eye on him in practice you like what you see. He gives great effort, asks questions, and simply works his way into playing somewhere. Now it's in the backfield blocking for the likes of Dantrell Savage, Kendall Hunter, and Julius Crosslin, and, of course, protecting quarterback Zac Robinson.

"It's been very good," said Carter. "But Jeremiah Burton and J.J. (John Johnson) have been helping me this whole time and they've been helping me focus because I really don't know all the plays, so if I don't know something I go and ask them and they are like second coaches to me. They know everything, so they help me out a lot."

When asked how he won the job, Carter says it is simple. "I just go and hit," said Carter. "I just go do my job."

He actually found his way to the playing field on the kickoff team before getting the shot at fullback and he is now on a couple of special units.

"I think if you are on any special teams at Oklahoma State then you take pride in it because Coach Defo (DeForest) demands that of all of us," said Carter. "If you are on any special teams you have to."

And if you have that attitude and do well, it can lead to other opportunities, just ask Zach Carter.

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