Larry Fedora: He Appreciates Prince's Comment

After Oklahoma State finished off Kansas State on Saturday night with a last minute clutch drive that set up the game-winning field goal, and after the Cowboys offense riddled a stout Wildcat defense for 510 yards of total offense and 329 yards rushing, K-State head coach Ron Prince had some nice things to say about Cowboy offensive coordinator Larry Fedora.

"I think that Larry Fedora is one of the best offensive coordinators in college football," said Prince. "I have made that clear. He is the guy that set the standard for how to beat Florida State. All these teams that beat Florida State nowadays, he is the one that exposed how to do that when he was at Florida. He is one of the best offensive coordinators in the country."

He also did a pretty good job of showing how to run up and down the field on the Wildcats' 3-4 defense on Saturday.

"It's nice of Coach Prince, and obviously, he is a very good football coach and is well respected, not only by everybody else out there but by myself," said Fedora. "I appreciate those comments."

Fedora doesn't spend a lot of time checking the numbers but in conference play the Oklahoma State offense is first in scoring offense (39.5 points per game), first in rushing offense (303 yards per game), first in third-down conversions (57 percent), first in sacks against (1), first in first downs (106), and first in total offense (532.5 yards per game). Texas Tech's Mike Leach is used to having that total offense lead, so he must be mad.

"It feels good, it feels like the guys are responding the way we coach them," said Fedora. "Their expectation level is high. We set that at the beginning of the year and now we are taking care of the little things. Some of the things we weren't doing at the beginning of the year and they are focusing on that, and it's obviously showing up on Saturdays."

Fedora has been known to tinker a little during an open week, add a few wrinkles to keep the future opponents off balance. It's tough to improve on those numbers but Fedora plans on a light addition of wrinkles for the stretch drive starting with Texas.

"The thing you have to worry about is doing too much," said Fedora. "That is the key as coaches is we get more time than we normally have we always want to add things. The thing I really want to get done is to get my guys as healthy as possible. That is the main thing, so they can make it through this stretch. Two, give them a break mentally so they can freshen up a little bit. Third, we'll have some good physical workouts later this week and then we can get back in the flow."

He may not check the numbers but trust me every offensive coordinator would like to see the kind of numbers that OSU's offense is putting up. Fedora wouldn't mind, but he'd rather have four more wins.

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