Tim Beckman: He Keeps Pushing

We started by asking Cowboys defensive coordinator Tim Beckman if he felt better. "No," said Beckman bluntly. Oklahoma State beat Kansas State but Beckman feels the win is more on the offense and special teams after watching his defense giving up 529 yards of total offense (404 yards passing) to Kansas State in the Cowboys' 41-39 shootout-style homecoming win last Saturday.

The Oklahoma State defense looks good in rushing defense, ranked seventh in the league at allowing 138.2 yards a game. The problem is being ranked last in passing defense at 349.2 yards allowed per game, and 11th in total defense giving up 487.5 yards a contest.

So, does Beckman expect the final four opponents on the Cowboys schedule (Texas, Kansas, Baylor, and Oklahoma) to load up and come out firing with their passing game?

"You should, the numbers show that," answered Beckman. "We've tried to do as many things as we possibly can in being in two deep, being in three deep, and being in man coverage. We've got to continue to get better in the fundamentals of pass coverage."

That will be a major chore during the work in practice the open week. Wednesday and Thursday will be a course in Beckman defense ABC's.

"We need to go back to the basics and the technique of playing cover two and cover three and pass rushing, being in your gap, and those kinds of things," explained Beckman. "We had eight missed assignments and 10 missed tackles through the whole game.

"We felt as a coaching staff it came from lack of playing the proper technique we were supposed to play in re-routing a receiver or getting off the hash, or getting in the A gap and getting a proper pass rush. We need to improve at those things," Beckman continued.

There is one other thing that needs to be accomplished too. Getting healthy! Head coach Mike Gundy revealed that linebackers Patrick Lavine (leg) and Jeremy Nethon (ankle) did not practice on Monday and may not practice all week. Chris Collins' turf toe is still keeping him from practicing, so getting linebackers back becomes important. As important is getting the replacements ready.

"We're hoping that we get our guys back," said Beckman. "We've moved Rod (Johnson) back to linebacker. He made that move to defensive end because we had injuries at defensive end and now he is moving back to linebacker. He is a team player. He's been at that position before so that gives us a little more depth.

"It goes back to improving on our fundamentals and now we have a few new faces in there (Marcus Brown, Justin Gent and Orie Lemon) that haevn't been doing it a whole bunch. It's all about playing football, being technique sound, and running to the football and making plays."

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