Tim Beckman: KU Offense Is For Real

The story of Oklahoma State's defense was even worse than the breakdown of the offense in the fourth quarter of Saturday's 38-35 loss to Texas. The Longhorns posted 24 points and 311 yards against the Cowboy defense in the final quarter. There is nothing pretty about that and OSU defensive coordinator Tim Beckman wasn't applying makeup to it Monday when asked what he saw in reviewing the game.

"I think (we had) a lot of players on their heels, a little bit scared to make a play at times, and too many missed tackles," said a disappointed Beckman. "We had 10 (missed tackles) in the fourth quarter, 17 in the entire game, but 10 in the fourth quarter.

"It's guys wearing down a little bit, you know because of rotations and stuff like that. We have to play more people and it's just disappointing when you watch it because we played pretty darn good the first three quarters but then there's the fourth quarter."

The question is could any of the nine freshmen who are redshirting on the defensive side of the football -- players like defensive end Richetti Jones, defensive end Jamie Blatnick, safety James Thomas, and linebackers Marcus Richardson and Jared Glover -- have helped with the depth and numbers?

"Not really. They weren't ready and you know they are going to be a good class," said Beckman of the redshirting freshmen defenders. "I would like to say there are probably some kids that we wish had redshirted the last couple of years that played just to play. You know, Terrence Anderson and Justin Gent, people that probably could have used being redshirted and the weight room and probably would be better right now."

The good thing about Kansas is that they do not appear to be as physical as Texas, but they have plenty of skill and they have run up plenty of numbers.

"They are second in the country (in scoring offense). I mean you are talking about a team that has done pretty darned good," said Beckman. "The quarterback is playing outstanding and doesn't make many mistakes and only has four interceptions this year. Running backs run extremely hard and they are dedicated to what they do, kind of like what we do here with the no huddle and Coach Wariner calling the plays up in the box. You have to give credit to Kansas and they are one of the top offenses in the country."

Last Saturday it appeared that Texas quarterback Colt McCoy willed his team back in the game. Austin, Texas native Todd Reesing is the kind of leader in this Kansas offense that he can will the Jayhawks to just about whatever he wants them to get done.

"The quarterback is a winner. He's just a darn winner," repeated Beckman. "They don't make any mistakes and what they do they do it well. They do a lot of quick type throws and everything gets off pretty fast. They have some skill kids out there, good size receivers and they have a freshman from Will Cole's school (Dezmon Briscoe) that is doing real well for them. I don't care who you do it against, you score 70 points that's doing something."

Another challenge for a defense that was maligned last week. An OSU defense that badly needs to come up with a turnaround type of performance, but this week will have to do it staring down the barrel of a loaded gun.

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