Cowboy Football Report

The temptation might be to double up the work load and drill this team into the ground following a loss like the one to Texas on Saturday. Losing after leading by 21 points to start the fourth quarter could burn a coaching staff to the point of overworking a team as punishment to encourage it not to ever happening again. Fortunately, Mike Gundy and his staff are more intelligent than that.

After playing 91 plays on offense and having success to the tune of 594 yards of total offense, the reality is the offense needs to go light in order to be fresh for Saturday's anticipated shootout with fourth-ranked Kansas. The game plan went in fully Tuesday and the practice was sharp.

Defense is not much different as players are having to play a large number of snaps, so the same theory applies there, although tackling drills were especially emphasized and will be again on Wednesday.

It is late in the year and coaches have to be somewhat conservative on the workload as players are trying to be as close to 100 percent as possible for Saturdays. On defense the Cowboys problems are compounded at linebacker as Chris Collins is in Texarkana, Texas, for the start of his rape trial. No word on whether the judge granted a prosecution motion on a change of venue that would delay the trial or whether a jury was impaneled for the case and the trial which would start on Wednesday.

Game Day Forecast
For the second week in a row you can't ask for better conditions in November. If the game were scheduled for the afternoon you might have to worry about players overheating. The high for Saturday is projected to be 80 degrees, the warmest of the week. The low is forecast to be 59 degrees and it should be around 62 for the 7 p.m. kickoff. The hang up is the wind as it is expected to be high and then settling down some after sundown. Expect the temperature to feel around 55 to 58 degrees. There is also a 30 percent chance of scattered showers, mainly in the late morning and early afternoon.

Saturday Success Is Particularly Important to Seniors
A total of 21 seniors will run out onto Boone Pickens Stadium for the final time in an Oklahoma State uniform on Saturday night in the 7 p.m. showdown with fourth-ranked and unbeaten Kansas. This is a strong senior class with the likes of defensive ends Nathan Peterson and Marque Fountain, linebacker Donovan Woods, popular cornerback Martel Van Zant, goal-line scorer Julius Crosslin, and spectacular playmakers in wide receiver Adarius Bowman and running back Dantrell Savage. It is a respected group that is a big reason this football team has displayed amazing resiliency in bouncing back from tough losses the past two seasons. The loss last week to Texas puts them in that position again heading into Senior Night.

"It's just the attitude of this team that we'll never give up," said Peterson. "Coaches never give up. We've faced many hard times, like you said, and to us there is no option other than getting back out there and keep going. We'll always keep fighting right down to the last second, and that is something we take pride in."

Each player handles their final home game differently, but the majority of this class, a class that has experienced a lot in Stillwater, will be emotional like four-year offensive line starter David Koenig.

"For me this is an extremely emotional game," said Koenig. "I have 9 or 10 family members coming in and my mom has been here all week and for me that is everything. I'll be ready, but emotionally I can't imagine how I will feel."

The opponent also could not be any better than a Kansas team that has surged up the polls this season and is perfect at 9-0.

"One of the main reasons I came to the Big 12 was for the competition, to compete. I wanted to see the best," added Koenig. "My last game, a home game, senior day, I couldn't ask for any more than Kansas being undefeated. That is exactly why I came here five years ago and it all lined up perfectly."

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