OSU-Kansas Matchups & Prediction

Robert Allen breaks down Saturday's game against fifth-ranked Kansas and gives his thoughts on the three key matchups in the game.

Three most Dangerous Jayhawks
1. Todd Reesing, QB
Similar to last week vs. Texas and Colt McCoy. Reesing makes the Kansas offense go and he exudes confidence pumping his teammates full of it.

2. James McClinton, DT
He is the best one technique or shade in the Big 12. McClinton leads all DTs in sacks and commands a double team. Usually a DT is better against the run, but he plays both well.

3. Derek Fine, TE
Reesing hits plenty of wide receivers and they are all capable of making plays, but Fine is a good blocker and a true security blanket for Reesing in the passing game as the second leading receiver on the team. It is better not to let that combination get cranked up.

Three Key Matchups vs. Kansas
1. OSU defensive line vs. Kansas QB Todd Reesing

A huge part of the Texas fourth quarter comeback last week that didn't get the attention it deserved was the running of Horns quarterback McCoy. Two huge scrambles were the biggest part of the game-winning drive to the field goal. Reesing, like McCoy, is a better than average runner. It is not the main part of his game but he can make plays with his legs. The Cowboys got pressure on McCoy but left him escape routes. I guarantee that has been worked on in practice, the Cowboys closing the escape routes and Kansas working on Reesing scrambles.
Advantage: Todd Reesing

2. OSU offensive line vs. Kansas defensive front seven
Perhaps the most important accomplishment to the Kansas defense, right behind their scoring defense stat of 14 points a game, is the rushing stat. The Jayhawks have not allowed a Big 12 opponent more than 80 yards rushing and they are allowing an average of 64 yards rushing a contest. Now the KU defenders have yet to face a team that is in the top 50 in both rushing and passing offense. The Cowboys are. Load up to stop the run and Robinson, Bowman, Bryant, and Pettigrew will have a field day. I don't think Kansas will do that after what happened last season in Lawrence. The Cowboy offensive line must block McClinton inside and do their best to account for the other members of the front seven.
Advantage: Even

3. OSU wide receivers & Brandon Pettigrew vs. Kansas secondary minus Aquib Talib
If the Jayhawks do sell out to stop Savage and company on the ground, here is the key matchup. Talib is a future NFL corner, but the rest of the secondary is made up of hard working average Division I defensive backs. Average won't cut it against Robinson and the likes of Bowman, Bryant and Pettigrew. Expect KU to play it straight on defense with a decent amount of gambling. Time to roll the dice. Cowboys are looking for 12 and snake-eyes.
Advantage: OSU wide receivers & Brandon Pettigrew

OSU-Kansas Prediction
Get ready for another shootout and another miracle recovery for the Cowboys. This game is great in that it has so many subplots:
1. Can Kansas stay unbeaten against the best opponent they have faced thus far?
2. Can the Cowboys come back from another gut wrenching loss?
3. It's the return home for 14 Jayhawks that were rercuited out of Oklahoma.
4. It's Senior Night for a large group of very respected players in the program.
5. Can one of these two teams actually break through with a divisional championship?
The ABC television audience should be rewarded significantly for their time investment in watching this one. There will be plenty of scoring. In the end the last one with the football and enough time is the likely winner. That is just the way of life in the Boone Pickens corral this season.
OSU 42, Kansas 38

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