Basketball Recruiting: Page Set To Sign

Keiton Page of Pawnee, Okla., is set to sign a letter of intent with Oklahoma State at 2 p.m. Wednesday - the first day of the early signing period. The OSU coaching staff is also hoping to sign Rotnei Clarke, the guard from Verdigris, Okla., with whom Page is good friends, during the early signing period. What follows is part of a Q&A with Page from the December issue of Go Pokes Magazine.

Go Pokes: How much are you looking forward to your senior season of high school?
Page: I'm really excited. I'm anxious to get it started and get playing. I want to win a state championship in my last year.

Go Pokes: Have you even begun to think about it being the last season to play with your dad (David Page) as your head coach?
Page: Yeah, he reminds me about it quite a bit. Sometimes when I'm a little tired and don't want to go to the gym he'll remind me that it's my last year with him. I hear that quite a bit.

Go Pokes: What has he meant to you and your development as a player?
Page: Everything! He's been working with me since I was little. He's the one who taught me how to shoot. I'm thankful that I have a dad and a coach like him that helps me every night and works with me the way he does. I'm disappointed that this is my last year with him, but I'm really looking forward to getting down there (to Stillwater) and playing for Coach (Sean) Sutton.

Go Pokes: What goals have you set for yourself this season?
Page: Mainly, we want to win the state championship. I know it's tough to win a state championship, and there's usually a lot of luck involved. I know my freshman year we were lucky enough to have a team good enough to win, but the last two years unfortunately we haven't won it. This is my last year, and we want to win another state championship.

Go Pokes: Since committing to Oklahoma State 18 months ago you've been a marked man. How do you handle walking into every opponent's gym knowing that you are going to be the focus of not only the team on the floor but also the fans?
Page: We try not to let that bother us as much as possible. We just try to play our game and not let that bother us.

Go Pokes: You committed back in May of 2006. Have you ever wavered in that decision?
Page: No, not at all. I'm really excited about it still, and ready to get down there and started at Oklahoma State.

Go Pokes: Were there some schools that kept calling and sending you letters?
Page: Actually when I committed to Oklahoma State it slowed down quite a bit. I still get a letter in the mail from a school every once in a while, but not very often. Maryland was still coming after me pretty hard for a long time, but they recently stopped. Actually, they were talking about me going up to Midnight Madness and then coming down and watching a couple games. I told them I was going to Oklahoma State and that's what I wanted to do, and then they backed off.

Go Pokes: Why is Oklahoma State the place for Keiton Page?
Page: I've liked Oklahoma State since I was little. They've got a great basketball program, a great coaching staff, it's close to home ... it's the perfect place for me.

Go Pokes: Ever since announcing you would sign with OSU there are those who say that you're too small to play in the Big 12. How do you respond to those people?
Page: I've been hearing that I'm too small and not big enough for a long time. I think what you have to do is let your game speak for itself when you get out there on the court, and prove those people wrong.

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