Cowboy Football Report

I have to admit I did not see practice on Tuesday and was instead watching my daughter in a high school basketball scrimmage, but my broadcasting compadre Dave Hunziker was there and reports that the mood was good.

"I thought practice zipped along," said Hunziker. "The attitude seemed to be really good and the effort along with it."

The game plan went in Tuesday, and according to Hunziker it seemed the offense was doing well and having success against the scout team despite the absence of wide receiver Adarius Bowman. Bowman being out could open the door for more playing time for freshmen Damian Davis and William Cole. This could be where pulling Cole's red-sirt ends up factoring for both himself and the offense.

The Monday night practice was good as little time was spent on Kansas and the work in practice shifted to Baylor after a brief corrections period. Other than the injury to Bowman, the Cowboys came out of the Kansas game in good shape and the addition of Jeremy Nethon back to working full-time was welcomed on the defensive side of the ball.

Game Day Forecast
Pretty good for mid-November as the high in Waco on Saturday will be 72 degrees under partly cloudy skies. There is a 10 percent chance of precipitation. At the 6 p.m. kickoff the temperature is expected to by 62 degrees with a brisk northern breeze. The temperature should drop to the low 50s by the end of the game.

Bowl Game Is Plenty of Motivation
Just in case you are wondering the consensus among the Oklahoma State players is the motivation is plenty now that the Big 12 South Division is out of reach to get the win over Baylor, become bowl eligible, and get ready to take on Oklahoma in Bedlam.

"I know what it is like not to go to a bowl," said senior wide receiver Tommy Devereaux. "I don't want to do that again. I don't care where we go, but that is our reward and it is important to all of us seniors that we help this team get to a bowl game in our final year."

The players have heard the speculation ranging from the Insight Bowl to possibly landing in the Alamo Bowl.

"I like San Antonio and the Riverwalk," said punter Matt Fodge. "It doesn't matter to me where we go though. We need to not worry about the destination and worry about taking care of our business and making sure it happens for us."

Fodge said he remembers his freshman season and going down to Waco with a chance to still become bowl eligible and the result, Baylor won 44-34.

"I know they will be motivated to keep us from going to a bowl," said Fodge. "I don't blame them, but it is in our control and we have to make sure we get it done and that they don't have a chance to stop us."

"A bowl game is our reward, and we all want to get that done and go on and have a good time," said running back Dantrell Savage. "My time here has been a blur, like you said, so I want to extend that for one more game (bowl game)."

The incentive is there. Baylor is waiting to play the Grinch, and the Cowboys need to make sure they go to Waco on Saturday in stingy mood and commit no turnovers or silly mistakes. If OSU doesn't help it will be very hard for Baylor to steal the Cowboys postseason holiday plans.

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