Larry Fedora: OU's D-Tackles Are Real Deal

You want to know what it is going to take for Oklahoma State to upset Oklahoma on Saturday? Sure you do, and it is pretty simple if you have been following Oklahoma State this season. I think you can rule out winning a 14-10 defensive struggle. My guess is it will take at least 30 points or more, and that is even with DeMarco Murray sidelined and even if Sam Bradford's concussion keeps him out.

In Big 12 Conference play Oklahoma is averaging 33 points a game. Big totals against Baylor and Texas A&M helped. At home the Sooners are averaging 45 points in Big 12 games. In the end it may take 40 points or more.

It is a very good thing for Oklahoma State that players like Seth Newton, Tommy Devereaux, Dez Bryant and Kendall Hunter appear to have taken on the challenge to give the Cowboys more playmakers than Zac Robinson, Dantrell Savage, and Brandon Pettigrew in the recent absence of star wide receiver Adarius Bowman.

"A lot of them are getting their first opportunities to do something," said Oklahoma State offensive coordinator and offensive architect Larry Fedora of the new and, in some cases, improved contributors.

"With A.D. not in there we spread it around a little more than we have in the past. Yes, a lot of guys are getting opportunities to make plays and they either make em or they don't," Fedora said.

The good thing is they are making the plays, and in the three halves of football since Bowman was injured the Cowboys have scored a total of 59 points and gained a total of 782 yards. The really amazing stat is the total for the season, 2,755 yards rushing and 2,755 yards passing. That is an average of 250.5 yards a game rushing and passing each. Maybe, and here we go again, the most balanced offense in the history of college football.

"We've always preached being balanced, but we've never said that means we're going to run it 35 times and throw it 35 times," said Fedora of the incredible balance of the Cowboy offense. "We're going to take what the defense gives us and we want to be able to do both things when necessary. That is what is important."

Fedora explains it is not just about what the offense can do but what the offense can do to that particular defense.

"There is no doubt about it because we base our game plans and what we are going to do on what the defensive coordinator is trying to do against us," answered Fedora.

Now back to what the Cowboys have to accomplish against the Sooners, and what the Sooners, based on talent and scheme, will leave open for the Cowboys offense.

"Obviously, they have a great defense, so I think they are going to try to stop the run," theorized the Cowboys offensive coordinator. "That is going to be their number one deal and they probably feel if they can stop the run and make us one dimensional then they will have a great chance to win the football game. That is why we can't become one dimensional."

The talent is immense and it starts up front where Fedora feels the OU defense has the best pair of defensive tackles in the Big 12.

"(DeMarcus) Granger and (Gerald) McCoy are two young, great tackles and there is no doubt about what they have, and then you have (Ryan) Reynolds and (Curtis) Loftin at linebackers that go all over the field making plays," said Fedora.

"The secondary is experienced, so we will definitely have our work cut out for us. This will be the best defense that we've played, the best prepared defense that we've played, and it is Bedlam so they are going to play their best."

It appears to be a big chore for the Cowboys offense, but also a big chore for Oklahoma because since warming up in the nonconference, the Cowboys lowest offensive total in Big 12 play is 23 points at Texas A&M and 471 yards against Kansas. On Saturday, again, 30 points or more and 480 yards or more. It will take at least that, and maybe more.

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