Where Will The Cowboys Go Bowling?

There are three possibilities and really two strong ones for Oklahoma State's bowl chances. It would really look like two Big 12 teams are heading to the BCS, especially if Missouri beats Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game next Saturday. Here are the three bowl games most interested in the Cowboys and what we've heard.

Alamo Bowl
A long shot as the Cowboys would have to skip over Texas A&M, a team with a better overall record and one that beat Oklahoma State in the regular season. It can be done and the Alamo people crave Oklahoma State fans and their love for traveling to San Antonio. They also aren't crazy about bringing in A&M with an interim coach and fans that will travel in on game day only and cost San Antonio tourist dollars. The Alamo people will likely have to get on their knees to beg the Big 12 to let them skip over the Aggies.

Insight Bowl
This is your best bet and New Year's Eve in the desert with the same people that run the Fiesta Bowl is not a bad deal. You will see a Big 10 opponent just as you would in San Antonio at the Alamo Bowl. The Insight people believe Oklahoma State fans will travel out there, and yes, Southwest and American West both have competitive inexpensive air fares to Phoenix.

The problem is the Big 12 might encourage the Insight to take Colorado and the Insight/Fiesta group does listen to the Big 12. It is the strongest bowl relationship the conference office has other than the Cotton Bowl. The Big 12 will believe that the Insight is the only bowl where Colorado has a chance to travel any significant number of fans. The truth is Colorado won't travel many there or anywhere. Our guess is the Insight says they want Oklahoma State.

Independence Bowl
They'd love to have Oklahoma State back, especially if the other option is ending up with Colorado. The matchup would be with Mississippi State or Kentucky. Not as many OSU fans would go back to Shreveport and that is understandable if the Cowboys are back for a second yesr in a row. That's just the way it works with a non-BCS bowl that isn't in Florida or California.

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