Fans celebrate long-awaited victory against NU

They have been waiting for it. Season after season, OSU fans wait to see if the ill-fated outcome against the Big Red will halt its repeat phase. Party on, fans. They won. It finally came.

At the final outcome of the 24-21 Oklahoma State win against the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Cowboy fans were in shell shock.

It took a while for OSU fans to tear down the goal posts, not because they weren't excited, but because they were in that much awe. This was a team they hadn't beaten in 41 years.

OSU football players, coaches and fans are not used to an outcome like this at all in a game this big. The Lewis Field goal posts have not been taken down since the Cowboys' 46-26 victory over Oklahoma in 1998.

Maybe OSU shouldn't look at it as an upset at all, several fans said. This a new era in Cowboy football and a downfall in Husker football.

"Teams are catching up to what we are doing offensively right now," said 41-year-old Brian Eaton from Fremont, Neb. "Our game plan is more predictable than it used to be, and teams in the Big 12 like Oklahoma State are more talented than they used to be."

The 'Huskers came in expecting to win their first road game of the year and ran into Oklahoma State's Orange Crush. The Huskers now stand at 5-3, with a 1-2 record in the Big 12 Conference, and the Cowboys moved up to 3-4, with a 1-2 record in the Big 12, as well.
"This is clearly not the Nebraska team of old," said Ben Arlotta, OSU architectural engineering freshman, "And Cowboy football is becoming more of a force because we have caughten up with a lot of schools as far as physical talent."

After giving up five turnovers to Kansas State on Oct. 12, the Cowboys didn't have a single turnover against the Cornhuskers.

The Cowboys stood up to the 'Huskers with their talent, gave it all they had, and it was enough to beat Nebraska.

Quarterback Josh Fields completed 17 of 27 passes, threw for 192 yards, two touchdowns, and he ran in a touchdown himself.

All-America candidate and wide receiver Rashaun Woods had a career game with 11 receptions for 134 yards and a touchdown. Workhorse running back Tatum Bell carried the ball 33 times for 182 yards against the Huskers' Blackshirt defense.
"I was a junior in high school the last time OSU beat Nebraska," said 58-year-old Rusty Fleming of Grand Lake. "I went to that game 41 years ago, been a Cowboy fan all of my life, and not much can compare to how excited I am right now."

A lot has happened to OSU football in the past 41 years.

The Cowboys won a conference championship in 1975, had Heisman Trophy Winner in 1988 by the name of Barry Sanders and have won many Bedlam battles.

In those 41 years, not once have the Cowboys beaten the Nebraska. Today's victory against the Cornhuskers changed all of that.

Many story lines have been created because OSU shucked and shocked the 'Huskers. Nebraska has been a powerhouse in college football for the majority of the past 41 years, and now Oklahoma State is looking to become that.

The Cowboy faithful are looking at this game as the start of a turnaround in OSU football because of how well they stood up against Nebraska.

"Texas A&M better prepare," said 42-year-old Burt Humphrey from Shawnee.

"A new kind of history for the Cowboys is beginning."


Brian Nactwey is a sports writer for The Daily O'Collegian. This article appeared in the O'Collegian's Special Victory Edition on Saturday, Oct. 19.

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