Brewer Will Remain With Cowboys

Gunter Brewer is staying on the staff at Oklahoma State, and will not be joining Larry Fedora's coaching staff at Southern Mississippi, the Cowboy assistant coach confirmed after Monday's practice for the Insight Bowl.

"There has been a lot of speculation, and I firmly remain a Cowboy and look forward to going out to Tempe (Ariz.) and playing in a bowl game, and for many, many games to come," said Brewer, the OSU receivers coach the past three seasons.

"I'm here, and I want to be here," said Brewer, the son of former Mississippi head coach Billy Brewer.

Fedora, the former OSU offensive coordinator who was hired last week by Southern Miss, had talks with Brewer concerning the offensive coordinator's position with the Golden Eagles.

"It was a chance to advance in a coordinator's position at a school that has traditionally won. They've had 14 straight winning seasons and been to 12 bowls, so it's not like you always have an opportunity to go to a program that has been very successful," Brewer said.

"I'm comfortable where I am, and enjoy everything I do. The family loves it here. I'm just honored that Larry, or anybody else for that matter, would even consider me for a coordinator position," Brewer said.

OSU head coach Mike Gundy is thrilled that Brewer elected to remain a part of the Cowboy coaching staff.

"I was very excited because it's hard to replace good coaches, and then it's hard to replace continuity and make up ground in recruiting," Gundy said. "We're doing pretty good in recruiting right now, and when you lose coaches you have to replace a guy in that area. That's one of the most difficult things. You have to replace the background of that coach going into that geographical area -- the relationships they've made in that area is harder than anything."

Gundy said that no promises were made to Brewer to keep him on the staff, including an offer as the Cowboys' next offensive coordinator.

"As a coach, I've always said (to coaches), this is what we have here, and this is what they have, you've got to make your mind up," said Gundy. "Because I want guys that want to be here."

Brewer, a head coach at Northeast Mississippi Community College (1995) and associate offensive coordinator at Marshall in the late 1990s, still aspires to one day take over his own program but says the best thing for him right now is to stay in Stillwater.

"I've been a coordinator before, and obviously would like to one day be a head coach like my father, so whatever steps take me to that goal ... everybody gets there a different way. Hopefully, at one point I'll be there.

"I just wanted to put any rumors to rest, and set the record straight," he said.

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