Recruiting Anaylsis: A Win-Win For Spano, OSU

I don't want anybody to think that now that Kody Spano is going to Nebraska that we are diminishing his abilities. Mike Gundy and the staff saw some things in Spano that had them excited and made them believe that down the line he could be the quarterback to have success at OSU. Nebraska is getting a talented quarterback and Spano might be getting what he wants - a chance to play quickly.

That wasn't going to happen at Oklahoma State for Spano. He was going to have to wait his turn behind a very talented Zac Robinson, who has two years to play. He would also have been behind experienced backup Alex Cate and the "X" factor that may surprise everybody in cannon-armed Brandon Weeden.

With Keller and Ganz graduated and Blaine Gabbert, its star recruit de-committed and heading to Mizzou, Nebraska was in desperate need of a quarterback.

The danger revealed when Gundy honestly informed Spano and his family as soon as he knew about the hang up in the early scholarship for Spano was the Spanos' attitude. They felt Kody had to be in Stillwater so he could compete at least for the backup role for next year. A nice thought and you want confident quarterbacks, but not a realistic thought as Spano would almost certainly have redshirted at OSU.

Often times things work out for the best. Span going to Nebraska may be one of those cases. He might play earlier, OSU may dodge an attitude problem from an impatient parent, and there are a lot of talented quarterbacks in Texas for next recruiting season which is already being dubbed the "Year of the Quarterback" in Texas. A quarterback signed next year will be one year closer to having a chance to play which will likely make the situation better.

Also, the Cowboys are in on some premier players like D'Anthony Curtis, Jameel Owens, Victor Johnson, and Jamal Mosley that would help out sooner than Spano. It works out for everybody.

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