Recruiting: Kye Staley Q&A

Kye Staley is one of the tops, if not the flagship, of the 2008 Oklahoma State football recruiting class. Some of the services and networks have not been as generous with ratings, rankings and plaudits for Staley. However, his career numbers of 4,006 yards rushing, 2,259 yards passing, 624 yards receiving, 324 yards in returns, and a grand total of 134 touchdowns deserves plenty of attention.

Staley led his team to an unbeaten 14-0 record and the Class 5A state championship in arguably Oklahoma's most competitive class for football this past season.

Staley was considered by many the top player in the high school ranks and the 6-0, 215-pound speedster should be considered the top college prospect in the state. Staley made a verbal commitment to Oklahoma State in August prior to his senior season. This weekend he makes his official recruiting visit to Stillwater. We spoke to him and found out what was on his mind. (Note: This is a transcript of an interview Robert Allen conducted with Staley on Triple Play Sports Radio.)

RA: I understand that you are an Oklahoma State Cowgirl basketball fan.
Staley: Well, yes. I went down there this week and went to an Oklahoma State basketball game, went to the boys game and stayed for the girls game. It was great fun and that (Andrea) Riley girl went off for 45 (points). It was a fun game, stormed the court. I wasn't expecting to storm the court, but it just happened.

RA: You just got caught up in the emotion, right?
Staley: Yeah.

RA: Riley is about as elusive on the basketball court as defenders this season felt like you were on the football field.
Staley: She has great hands, great shot, and is real quick. Nobody could hold her that night.

RA: You've had time to reflect on all that you accomplished this past season - winning the state championship, being named offensive player of the year in the state. You played more on offense. That Guthrie defense was dominating this season. When you weren't on the field on defense, did you marvel at how those guys were playing on defense?
Staley: Oh yeah, I did. I grew up with all those guys in our high school and junior high careers. Just to see how far they have gotten. We have play makers on both sides of the ball and it shows. That is how we won the state championship.

RA: Now that you have had time to reflect on it, how good does it feel?
Staley: It feels great to finally be able to get a ring having been here four years. It just is relief and satisfaction to finally get the ring.

RA: There aren't that many players that have had the impact on their team with so many categories and stats like you have.
Staley: Like I have said, being moved around my whole four years never bothered me. I just tried to do my best and excel at that position.

RA: You were selected for the Under Armour All-American Game down in Florida at the Walt Diseny World Sports Complex and televised on ABC. How was that for you?
Staley: The only thing I didn't like about was it was like 40 degrees because of that cold front that hit, but I was used to that being from Oklahoma. It was fun being around players like that. Players that are at the level that I'm at, like everybody is good and nobody is bad. It was a good experience meeting those players from all across the nation.

RA: You made a decision very early in recruiting to commit to Oklahoma State before the start of the season. Where are you with recruiting and is that commitment as good as the day you made it back in August?
Staley: Yes, it is still good but my mind is still unsure yet and that is why I'm still going to take visits and stuff like that.

RA: This weekend is your official visit to Oklahoma State, right?
Staley: Yes it is.

RA: You've been up to Stillwater quite a bit, so what are you expecting out of your official visit?
Staley: I know I've been up there a lot. I want to see like what O-State is really about, like their academic centers, their campus life, and all of the stuff like that. I'm expecting a good time from the coaches and a good warm feeling from the players.

RA: Then what other visits are you considering taking?
Staley: One, to Arkansas.

RA: Really, just one visit?
Staley: Yes.

RA: The way you went through recruiting are you glad you did it that way? I would think it made your fall easier and you were able to concentrate on the Guthrie football season.
Staley: Oh yeah. It made my mind more clear because it got me focused on what is important right now instead of what is important in my future.

RA: From the first time I saw you play I thought at the next level that you would be a running back. If I were a college coach I would want to see Kye Staley in my backfield running the football. Is that what you were looking at because I believe that is what Oklahoma State was thinking you would do, right?
Staley: Oh yeah. At first I said I would play anywhere but when it came down to it I just feel more comfortable and natural at running back because throughout my whole high school career that is where I have been - on the offensive side of the ball and running the ball is what I like to do.

RA: Okay, the Oklahoma State visit is this weekend, so when is the visit to Arkansas?
Staley: The next week.

RA: Then after that I can tell you there will be a lot of nervous Oklahoma State fans. When that is over you will be ready to say that is it.
Staley: Uh huh, yes.

RA: You also have basketball going right?
Staley: I am not playing basketball. I am in off-season football just preparing and getting myself ready for the college level.

RA: You did go out for basketball for a little bit?
Staley: Yes sir.

RA: Your heart wasn't in it and you just wanted to get ready for football.
Staley: Yes sir.

RA: Let us know when you are I through.
Staley: Yes sir, I will.

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