Recruiting: Gundy, Beckman Visit Greer

Linebacker Steve Greer leaves Wednesday morning for his official visit to Virginia. But Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy and defensive coordinator Tim Beckman wanted to make another sales pitch to the standout and that's why they made a trip to Solon, Ohio on Tuesday. visited with Greer on Tuesday night, and he shared his thoughts on Gundy, Beckman and Oklahoma State.

I'm just calling to find out what's the latest. I understand you had some visitors today.
Greer: Yes, Coach Gundy and Coach Beck came up to the school and spent the day with my parents and with my coaches.

How'd it go?
Greer: It went real good.

Did you get to spend much time with the coaches?
Greer: I got to spend a little time but when I was in school Coach Gundy and Coach Beck were spending time with my parents and just hanging out and getting to know them.

What did you parents think of Coach Gundy and Coach Beckman?
Greer: They loved them. They had a really good time. I talked to Coach Beck tonight and he said that he and Coach Gundy had a really good time.

What was the purpose of today's visit from the OSU coaches?
Greer: When I went down (to Stillwater for my official visit) my dad was the only one who went down with me. Coach Gundy wanted to come up and meet the rest of my family (mom and step-dad Tracy and Rob Foster, and dad and step-mom Jim and Jamie Greer), and reassure me that I would be a great fit at Oklahoma State.

Do you still have a trip or two scheduled?
Greer: I'm leaving for Virginia tomorrow morning. I think that might be my last trip.

You also visited North Carolina this past weekend. Can you make a comparison between Oklahoma State and North Carolina?
Greer: I really like the players from both places, and got along with them really well. Coaching-wise, I really enjoyed all the coaches from both schools. Overall, I really enjoyed both of them a lot. I think the only differences are at North Carolina Coach (Butch) Davis has come in there and is trying to build up the program, while Oklahoma State is probably a little bit further ahead. Boone Pickens has donated all of that money to upgrade all their facilities and stadium. But overall I think both programs are awesome. I really had a good time at both of them.

What are you thoughts about Coach Beckman?
Greer: Coach Beckman, through the recruiting process, has become one of my favorite coaches. I have developed a really good relationship with him. He's just an awesome guy. He'd be a really good guy to play for too. Him and Coach Gundy are both kind of players' coaches, you can just tell. I get a really good vibe from (Coach Beckman).

You return from your trip to Virginia on Thursday night. What is your thought process on when you hope to make a decision as to which school you'll sign with next week?
Greer: I'm hoping by Friday night or Saturday morning, or something like that.

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