Recruiting: McFarland Says Mom Is The Key

Defensive tackle Jamarcus McFarland, of Lufkin, Texas, is 6-4, 285 pounds, runs a 4.9 and is probably going to be the most sought after football prospect in the nation in the 2009 senior class.

McFarland was the District 15-5A Defensive Player of the Year as a junior. That's a rare honor for an underclassman but a deserving one since he made 46 tackles, 12 tackles for losses despite opposing teams doing everything but build a wall between him and the plays they ran against Lufkin.

McFarland is staying humble despite his elevation as one of the very best juniors in the nation.

"I've been to Texas A&M and Texas for junior days," he said. "Both those schools are good and I am interested in them, but I am keeping my options open. I want to go to whatever schools is best for me and my academics."

McFarland has already been offered by Oklahoma State. The Cowboys made the offer last Sept. 1, and Nebraska, Florida, Texas A&M and Notre Dame followed suit quickly.

Last fall he watched two of those schools that offered him as he was in College Station to see the close battle between A&M and Oklahoma State. Texas has more recently extended a scholarship offer. McFarland is an outstanding student with a 93 overall average that ranks him in the top 20 percent of his class. He plans on majoring in physical therapy in school.

"I would be interested in attending junior day at Oklahoma State," said McFarland. "All they have to do is invite me and I will see if it works out in my schedule."

McFarland is currently competing in track with both the shot put and the discus. He has his bench press up over 400 pounds and his squat max is moving toward 450 pounds.

As for his game plan during recruiting and who he plans on taking advice from, McFarland is going to keep it simple and keep it close.

"It's my mom," he said. "She is the starting block for everything in my life. I will get my advice from her like I always have. She has always had my best interest and I trust her. It will be whatever is best for me and my education."

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