Spring Practice Notebook

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was the only coach and/or player that spoke with the media after Monday's practice. Gundy really only wants his players and coaches being interviewed on the open practice days. He did say he likes the looks of his football team physically, something he feels has improved every year under the strength and conditioning expertise of Rob Glass.

"He does a tremendous job, and I said this on the media day, the offseason is the most difficult time of the year for our players with what he puts them through, both mentally and physically," explained Gundy.

"They are in good shape. Now the junior college players that come in at semester they are out of shape and they won't be in shape until July, but they will have to fight through the spring practice and we will push them to see what they can do. What our guys go through the past five weeks, you make it through that and then spring ball is considerably easier."

Pettigrew's Next Court Appearance Postponed
OSU tight end Brandon Pettigrew, who was arrested earlier in the semester on charges of public intoxication and assaulting a police officer, has had his next court appearance and trial postponed until May 5 following the end of the semester. Gundy had very little to say about the change in the schedule.

"I didn't even know it had been postponed. We are going to let it run it's course," said Gundy, who said he would handle the situation internally.

Artrell Woods Back at Practice
Looking like he hadn't lost any speed and had never been gone, sophomore wide receiver Artrell Woods was back on the practice field sporting a green jersey signifying no contact. But with Monday's practice being a noncontact session, Woods went through all the drills.

He looked good including showing his normal flash of speed. It is a pretty incredible story as Woods was injured in a freak accident last June in the weight room and missed all of last season. Initially, there was concern over whether he would walk normally again, much less play football. However, the mentally tough Woods has made a near complete recovery and it is expected he will be cleared completely for practice before fall camp in August.

"It's nice to see him out there, and he has come a long way," said Gundy of seeing Woods practice on Monday. "It's a tribute to him and his attitude, (and) perseverance. We are just trying to take a step at a time and be careful with him. I'm not so sure 10 years ago a guy could come back from that kind of injury."

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