Spring Football Notebook

Recruiting, anyone interested in some recruiting information? We know better and there were two prospects in attendance for Wednesday's practice.

Corbin Dickerson is a 6-2, 210-pound wide receiver and primarily a linebacker prospect out of Altus, Okla. Dickerson, who runs a 4.5, was there with his father, George, and stayed for the entire practice. His father was wearing an Oklahoma State polo shirt and the combination of father and son looked very interested. Dickerson is also an outstanding student as well as athlete.

Linebacker Michael Doctor, out of Tulsa Washington High School, also attended the Wednesday practice.

Texas High School Coaches Check It Out
Oklahoma State spring football practices are closed to the public except for the major scrimmages and the spring game on April 12. But the practices are always open to high school coaches. You know how many Oklahomans head south to Padre Island in Texas for spring break. It only makes sense that folks down near the south Texas resort would head north. There were three coaches from Raymondsville, Texas at practice on Wednesday taking notes on the Cowboys' spread offensive attack.

Intentional Face Mask
Oklahoma State has agreed to be the guinea pig for a new football helmet decoration. They are called Intentional Face Mask and were developed by three Edmond residents that are OSU fans. The idea came from how some players put athletic tape around the bars on their face mask. These are little face mask bar covers that display the school logo or spell out Oklahoma State or Cowboys.

Fans in the stand wouldn't notice them unless they are looking through binoculars, but TV camera will pick up on those little additions in a big way. They are a first-time product that have never been tested for durability or wear. Wednesday's OSU practice was the first time they have been used. The three inventors are hoping OSU will use them next season and then the idea could end up being marketed throughout football or sold to a company like a helmet company or Nike.

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