Dee Proby: I'm Just Hoping For The Best

Dee Proby, the 6-foot-9 junior college forward from Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas, was caught off guard when one of his teammates gave him the shocking news Tuesday that Sean Sutton was no longer the coach at Oklahoma State. visted with Proby on Tuesday afternoon about his future, and whether it still includes Oklahoma State. How did you hear about Sean Sutton?
Proby: It's been all over the news, on ESPN and everywhere else. But I heard it first from one of my teammates because he'd gotten a text message from a coach. What was your first reaction?
Proby: I was shocked, and very disappointed. What's your next step? Where does this leave you?
Proby: I'm not really sure right now. I'm waiting to see, I guess, who they're going to hire, which coach they're bringing in, but Oklahoma State still has my (letter of intent). I don't know where to go from here. What type of coach would you like to see hired?
Proby: I guess the same as Coach Sutton because that's why I signed with the school – to play for Coach Sutton. I don't know. Probably a coach that wants to win and is ready to win. I know that you haven't had much time to think about things yet, but is there a possibility that you'll ask to be released from your scholarship to go somewhere else?
Proby: I'm really not sure yet. If other colleges do call, what will you say to them?
Proby: The same thing. I haven't decided. When was the last time you talked to somebody on the OSU coaching staff?
Proby: Wow. It's been forever. I haven't talked to anyone in two months. They had me nervous because I hadn't talked to anyone, and no one was returning my phone calls or nothing. I was scared. Are you scheduled to graduate in May?
Proby: Oh yeah. Of course. What's next for you now?
Proby: I'm just waiting for someone to contact me, and hoping for the best.

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