April 19: Remember the 10 Run

It's still not too late to register to participate in the second annual Remember the 10 Run on Saturday, April 19, in Stillwater. The event is to honor the 10 members of the Oklahoma State basketball family who died on Jan. 27, 2001, while returning from a game in Colorado.

Participants can chose to take part in three different events – a 10-kilometer run, a 5-kilometer run or a 1-mile fun run. The races are scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

Nearly 1,000 people took part in last year's inaugural event, and event organizer Kerry Alexander believes that number will be surpassed this year.

"Last year our goals were really modest. We thought if we had 200 to 400 runners we'd be ecstatic. By the time the race kicked off we had 935," Alexander said. "We had another 240 race-day volunteers. So we had a huge, huge crowd. This year, the big thing is to keep the momentum going."

Alexander said the goal for this year's event is to surpass the 935 who ran a year ago.

"We'd like for Cowboy fans to surprise again this year. We really think that we could have 1,500 this year," he said. "But if we equal last year's event, we'll think we had a fantastic event."

The event is to celebrate the lives of the 10 members of the OSU basketball family whose lives were taken on Jan. 21, 2001: Kendall Durfey, Bjorn Fahlstrom, Nate Fleming, Will Hancock, Daniel Lawson, Brian Luinstra, Denver Mills, Pat Noyes, Bill Teegins and Jared Weiberg.

Alexander said more than half of the families who lost loved ones in the plane crash returned to Stillwater to participate in last year's inaugural Remember the 10 Run. He's expecting eight of the 10 families to attend this year's event.

"A lot of the families have told me that it's difficult to come back (to Oklahoma State). They are so appreciative of what OSU does, and how respectful the ceremony is (every year on Jan. 27), but still it's a very somber event," Alexander said. "A lot of families came back (for the run) last year and they had a spectacular time. The Teegins family helped hand out trophies, and other (families) stayed in the background. This year I think even more families are coming back. I would like Cowboy fans to know that their support has made a huge difference.

"We always want to be respectful because this is an event to celebrate the lives of 10 who died tragically, and most of them very, very young. But at the same time we want to have fun with this," Alexander continued. "We want this to be something that is meaningful (for the families), but also for people to come out and have fun, and there's laughter, and there's enjoyment for everyone. In talking to the members of the families, they loved that last year. They loved the fact that people were happy, and showing their support, and wearing the shirts with the names of the 10."

Proceeds from the event are presented to Oklahoma State University Counseling Services. Alexander gave a $20,000 check (the proceeds from last year's race) to the OSU Counseling Services staff during a Cowboy basketball game earlier this year.

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