Cowboy Football: Spring Game Preview

"I'd look for number 16 (Perrish Cox) and The Punisher, big Lucien Antoine," said Jacob Lacey when asked which defensive players he would advise fans to keep an eye on during Saturday's spring game. "On offense, besides number 11 (Zac Robinson) and number 1 (Dez Bryant), I would give that to Double D, Damian Davis, number 85. He's tall and can really catch," added Lacey.

Maybe Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was listening to Lacey because all of those players Lacey mentioned are split up to some degree for Saturday's Orange-White spring game, which kicks off at 4 p.m. inside Boone Pickens Stadium.

Lacey, himself, is on the Orange team and will patrol the secondary at corner with the punishing hitter, Lucien Antoine. His buddy at corner, Perrish Cox, is on the White team. Lacey won't have to defend either Robinson at quarterback or Bryant at wide receiver as they are on the Orange. However, if Damian Davis decides to split out wide instead of line up in the slot then Lacey may have to cover the 6-foot-6 monster wide receiver.

On the surface it would look like the Orange is the better team, but Robinson is only scheduled to play a limited number of snaps and the quarterbacking matchup will be Brandon Weeden (Orange) versus Alex Cate (White). Starting running backs will be Kendall "Spud" Hunter (Orange) and juco transfer Beau Johnson (White) and they will be limited on how many plays/carries they receive.

The offensive line looks really even, tight end Brandon Pettigrew is not playing because of the broken finger, and the defense looks evenly split.

It should be a good game that could be decided by the two top backups at quarterback and the wide receivers going against the even defenses.

Remember last year Artrell Woods went off in the game for the winning White team. Could a Bo Bowling or Hubert Anyiam for the Orange or William Cole or DeMarcus Conner for the White play that hero role Saturday? Maybe it's a huge defensive play by Jamie Blatnick, Deron Fontenot or Maurice Gray for the Orange? Or a scoop and score or interception by Derek Burton, Andre Sexton, or T.J. Bell for the White that decides the issue?

Check out the coaches, Doug Meacham was the mastermind of the late calls for the White last year that included a reverse pass and a two-point conversion. The offense and defense on both sides are limited on what they can call, but Meacham is 2-0 in spring games since his return to his alma mater as passing game coordinator and tight ends coach. He has former Cowboy Curtis Luper coaching the White offense with him.

Who is willing to go off the script? Meacham and Luper or the combo of Gunter Brewer, Trooper Taylor and Joe Wickline on the Orange? The defensive coaches have Joe DeForest on the Orange and he will expect as much from Meacham having seen it last year. Glenn Spencer and Jason Jones are calling defenses for the White.

It should be fun, and watch out for Meacham because he is trying to keep his record perfect in the spring.

Here is a look at the Orange and White teams in depth chart fashion:

Orange Offense
WR - 1 Dez Bryant, So.
Slot - 7 Bo Bowling, Jr.
RT - 72 Andrew Mitchell, Jr.
RG - 78 Michael Booker, So.
OC - 52 Andrew Lawrence, Jr.
LG - 65 Steven Denning, Sr.
LT - 76 Russell Okung, Jr.
TE - 86 Wilson Youman, RS-Fr..
WR - 84 Hubert Anyiam, RS-Fr..
QB - 11 Zac Robinson, Jr.
RB - 24 Kendall Hunter, So.

Orange Defense
DE - 50 Jamie Blatnick, RS-Fr.
DT - 96 Jeray Chatham, Sr.
DT - 94 Swanson Miller, Jr.
DE - 91 Ugo Chinasa, So.
Star - 24 Deron Fontenot, RS-Fr.
MLB - 41 Orie Lemon, Jr.
WLB - 53 Seb Clements, Sr.
FCB - 7 Maurice Gray, Jr.
SS - 6 Ricky Price, Sr.
FS - 31 Lucien Antoine, Jr.
BCB - 17 Jacob Lacey, Sr.

Orange Specialists
K - 38 Grayson Buster, RS-Fr.
P - 18 Matt Fodge, Sr.
DS - Marc Yerry, RS-Fr.

Orange Reserves
WR - 25 Josh Cooper, RS-Fr. (Inj.)
WR - 23 Nathan Gilseider, Jr.
WR - 26 Todd Nelson, Sr.
WR - 6 Bryce Hood, RS-Fr.
TE - 87 Brandon Pettigrew, Sr. (Inj.)
OL - 63 David Washington, Sr.
OL - 64 Casey LaBrue, Fr.
OL - 73 Sterling Malone, RS-Fr.
QB - 4 Brandon Weeden, RS-Fr.
RB - 36 Melvin Davis, Jr.
FB - 48 John Toben, So.
DL - 95 Chris Donaldson, So.
DL - 93 Jonathan Lewis, Jr.
DL - 99 Richetti Jones, RS-Fr.
LB - 58 Marcus Richardson, RS-Fr.
LB - 5 Johnnie Cockrell, Jr.
DB - 22 James Thomas, RS-Fr.
DB - 10 Markelle Martin, Fr.
DB - 35 Mathies Long, So.

Orange Coaches
Gunter Brewer
Trooper Taylor
Joe Wickline
Joe DeForest

White Defense
DE - 98 Derek Burton, Jr.
DT - 94 Quencey Patrick, So.
DT - 92 Tonga Tea, Jr., Sr.
DE - 97 Jeremiah Price, Jr.
Star - 20 Andre Sexton, Jr.
MLB - 42 Justin Gent, So.
WLB - 4 Patrick Lavine, Jr.
FCB - 16 Perrish Cox, Jr.
SS - 11 T.J. Bell, Sr.
FS - 26 Quinton Moore, Sr.
BCB - 28 Al'Darius Thompson, Jr.

White Offense
WR - 85 Damian Davis, So.
Slot - 33 William Cole, So.
RT - 60 Brady Bond, Jr.
RG - 70 Jonathan Rush, RS-Fr.
OC - 54 Andrew Lewis, Jr.
LG - 77 Noah Franklin, RS-Fr.
LT - 71 Trent Perkins, So.
TE - 31 Ben Bailey, So.
WR - 9 Jeremy Broadway, Jr.
QB - 3 Alex Cate, So.
RB - 2 Beau Johnson, Jr.

White Specialists
K - 95 Dan Bailey, So.
P - 18 Matt Fodge, Sr.
DS - 55 Zach Allen, Sr.

White Reserves
WR - 80 DeMarcus Conner, Jr.
WR - 83 Artrell Woods, So.
WR - 17 Tony Bush, RS-Fr.
TE - 89 Ben Bowling, Sr.
OL - 57 Jacob Secrest, So.
OL - 72 Mark Chestnut, Jr.
OL - 74 Grant Garner, So.
OL - 75 Nick Martinez, RS-Fr.
QB - 14 Zac Dickey, RS-Fr.
RB - 12 Michael Roberts, Fr.
RB - 27 Taylor Sokolosky, So.
FB - 37 Bryant Ward, So.
DL - 46 Shane Jarka, So.
DL - 79 Ahmad Jones, RS-Fr.
LB - 51 Jared Glover, RS-Fr.
LB - 49 Kenny Alexander, RS-Fr.
DB - 8 Adrian Moore, RS-Fr.
DB - 23 Terrance Anderson, Jr.
DB - 18 Zach Crissup, Sr.

White Coaches
Doug Meacham
Curtis Luper
Glenn Spencer
Jason Jones

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