Dee Proby Looks Forward To Talking To Ford

Dee Proby is pleased that Oklahoma State has found its new head basketball coach, and now the Cowboy signee is looking forward to visiting with Travis Ford. caught up with Proby Friday afternoon as he was traveling back to his home in Austin from Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas.

"I'm happy that they finally found a coach but I really don't know anything about him," said the 6-foot-9 Proby, who played the past two seasons at the Texas junior college. "The only thing I really know about him is that he coached at UMass."

Proby said he plans to call James Dickey to get a telephone number for Ford.

"I talked to Coach Dickey about two weeks ago. I guess I'm going to have to call him to find out the new coach's telephone number," Proby said.

Proby said he plans to follow through on his plans to be a Cowboy. "Right now, I'd the chances are pretty good that I'll be there this fall," he says. "I'm just waiting to talk to the head coach, see how he is and how he treats his players."

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