Hoops Recruiting: John Wall Gets OSU Visit

John Wall was the Oklahoma State coaching staff's top priority in the Class of 2009 while Sean Sutton was head coach, and he made a trip to Stillwater in January. New Cowboy head coach Travis Ford continues to make the standout point guard one of his top priorities. As a matter of fact, Ford and OSU assistant Chris Ferguson made a trip to Raleigh, N.C., earlier this week to visit with Wall.

The 6-foot-3 Wall, who is now ranked by Scout.com National Recruiting Editor Dave Telep as the best point guard in the Class of 2009 and the eighth-best player overall, says he was pleased with meeting Ford for the first time.

"I felt it was a good visit," Wall says. "Coach Ford and Coach Ferguson came to talk to me. They said they wanted to keep recruiting me, and want to get me (back to Stillwater) for another recruiting visit since there's a new coach.

"It showed me that he's a coaching coming from another school, and he's just on a new job for a few days and I'm one of the first people he came to see. That tells me that I'm one of the top players and that they consider me the point guard they want to get for their school next year."

Wall, of course, had a little inside information on Ford before sitting down to talk to him, even though the two had never met. Oklahoma State freshman Marshall Moses and Wall are good friends, and Wall said the two talk once or twice a week.

"(Marshall) feels like he's a great coach. He thinks he's cool," Wall said. "He thinks they're going to get along great, and he thinks that there's better things coming to Oklahoma State. Nothing against Coach Sean Sutton, because he's a great coach too, but he thinks great things are going to happen there."

Wall and his Carolina Ravens team have played in the Boo Williams Invitational (in Hampton, Va.) and the Pitt James Fest (in Pittsburgh) the last few weeks. Wall has been sensational, and noticed that either Ford, Ferguson or new Cowboy assistant Steve Middleton were in attendance at many of his games.

"Coach Ford came to a couple of my games, and I saw some Oklahoma State coaches there too," he says.

Wall's performance certainly caught the eyes of other college coaches. Duke and Kansas have now begun to recruit the standout point guard. He says the schools showing him the most attention recently have been Florida State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Duke, Virginia Tech, Miami, Kansas and Louisville.

Wall talks like he'll be making at least one more trip to Stillwater. "I feel like I'll take another visit since they have a new coach," he says. "It seems like he plays the way I like to play. It seems like he really wants to push the ball, and I really want to look into.

"I'm going to take a couple visits during the summer when I'm on my trips with my (summer) team, but more than likely I'm going to have to wait until after the summer, and then make a decision on the five (official) visits that I'm going to take."

Wall says don't expect him to make a decision before the early signing period in November, and his reasoning is based partly on what happened to the former Oklahoma State who was recruiting him until a few weeks ago.

"I don't think I'm going to sign in November. I think it's going to be a long process because I feel like you never know what's going to happen," Wall said. "What happens if a coach losses his job, and that's one of the schools that I want to go to, and you sign with them and then the coach loses his job or something?"

Wall is planning to enjoy the recruiting process until signing a year from now. "This is a blessing from God, because a couple of years ago I didn't have none of this (attention), and I always wanted it. I always wanted to be a player that was recruited, and now I am," he said. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime dream. It's a dream and I'm just going to enjoy it. It gets kind of hectic sometimes with all the college coaches (calling), but at the same time it's a great thing to have."

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