Recruiting: Interest In Cody Green Picking Up

It's not unusual for a prospect to think this but quarterback Cody Green of Dayton, Texas is ahead of the curve. The 6-4, 220-pound quarterback is athletic enough to be thinking of making future moves to a variety of positions. He realizes that recruiting is more than just himself and other high school football players choosing a college.

"It is becoming more and more hectic," said Green of the recruiting process for him. "It's been a lot different than I thought it would be. I didn't think about it it being this big of a business, but it is."

Green, who missed all but two games last season because of a ligament injury to his right ankle, has rehabbed the injury and is ready to go. He is going through daily workouts in Dayton's athletic period at the end of the school day. Asked if the recruiting business is good or bad, Green had a response ready.

"It's a little bit of both," he said. "There are some day where I get 20 some odd phone calls from all kinds of people and those are the days that put you out. Then I will have a day where I might get three calls and they are all head coaches and those are the days that are enjoyable."

We agree with Green and that is why we gave him our number. So he can call us rather than us call him when he is ready to report something, and he told us it will come sometime this summer.

"I'm going to make two or three unofficial visits this summer and then I'm going to shut it down," he said. "I'm graduating at mid-term, so I need to make my decision sometime this summer. The most important things schools do for me is come up with information about their Ag (agriculture) Science department."

It is Agricultural Science that Green wants to major in and his top schools right now are Texas A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and Mississippi State. All of those schools have strong Agricultural schools.

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