Gundy Says No To Webcams For Now

Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy clears up some recruiting topics for Go Pokes Magazine.

It has been a vastly different month of May thus far for Gundy. The fourth-year head coach has been able to plan out the entire summer, the entire month of August and every preseason practice right up to taking his team to the airport and loading up for the flight to Seattle, Wash. and the opener with the Washington State Cougars.

Gundy has had all this time courtesy of a new NCAA rule -- dubbed the "Saban Rule" after Alabama head coach Nick Saban who became notorious for violating the bump rule and talking to prospects during the evaluation period -- that prevents all head coaches from leaving campus during the May evaluation period.

"It's certainly a topic I am going to bring up this month in our Big 12 head coaches meetings, and it will be interesting the response we get from coaches and administrators that are in those meetings," said Gundy of discussing the possibility of changing the rule.

"We'll see if we can't get something generated to go back out. We're (coaching staffs) allowed to be out for four weeks and even if we (head coaches) can get out for a couple of weeks, so we can go to areas we are not as familiar with because we haven't been there or haven't recruited that particular school in a couple of years, would make it much easier. I'd like to know more about these young men when we are discussing them in our recruiting meetings. My staff does a good job, but it is always better when you have some first hand knowledge and experience."

One alternative to getting out on the road is using the one phone call in May for a face to face encounter over the Internet with a webcam conversation. Gundy and his coordinator of football operations Robert Matthews discussed it and took it to OSU's compliance chief Scott Williams. Ultimately, they decided against it for now.

"Robert Matthews and myself investigated it, and considered using it as our one phone call in May," said Gundy. "The NCAA sees that face-to-face conversation on the computer as a phone call and we are allowed the one call in May. We may use this in the future, but we made the call not to do it at this time. Our coaches have a good relationship with the players we are recruiting. I just don't know how the NCAA isgoing to treat this in the future."

Some Cowboys fans are concerned in that OSU only has one football commitment as of now. Gundy said he's been asked about it when he's been out at places like his son's youth league baseball games. His answer has been not to worry and don't believe what you read in the newspaper or on the Internet. The slower rate of verbal commitments is by design.

"I would be real hesitant to believe exactly what you read in the newspaper about recruiting," said Gundy. "I think our staff knows a lot more about what we are doing than anybody on the outside. We've slowed up some on early offers and it doesn't have anything to do with early offers that have committed to us in the past three years and it doesn't have anything to do with how many scholarships we have to offer.

"We just have had some thorough discussions as a staff of how we want to approach recruiting from this point on. We felt like as the spring went on, and as we evaluated more tape, and we are out in Oklahoma and Texas where we spend most of our time, as we talk to coaches and other people and gather information on these prospective student-athletes, then we are able to make a better decision later in the summer or in the fall.

"What it came down to is that we are really trying to bring the best quality of people into our program in all areas. We want people that want to graduate from college and want to play football and have some fun and win a Big 12 championship."

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