Recruiting: Allen Likes What He Sees At OSU

Quarterback Drew Allen of San Antonio (Alamo Heights), Texas spent most of Wednesday in Stillwater before leaving late in the afternoon to head back home. The 6-5 1/2 200-pound standout was at Purdue on Tuesday and then flew to Oklahoma where he visited the Cowboys. This was just a two-school trip and one of several unofficial visit excursions that he has made this summer.

"It went great," said Drew Allen of the visit while talking in the car on the way to the airport to fly home to San Antonio. "I liked it a lot, everything about it.

"Going in I didn't know what to think and I had liked Purdue the day before," Allen continued. "It is really nice with a nice campus and it's in a nice part of the country. What I saw at Oklahoma State, I was blown away.

"They have that west end zone project, and even though it won't be finished until May walking through it you could see they are going to have a huge weight room and the locker room is going to be top of the line. Everything about it was great and they have a lot of generous people, especially Boone Pickens helping to make it the best it can be."

Allen is Oklahoma State's number one target at quarterback and they have offered him a scholarship. Allen is also looking at Mississippi, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Oklahoma, Baylor, SMU, and others along with the Cowboys.

As a junior, Allen passed for 2,589 yards and 28 touchdowns and added an additional 254 yards and five touchdowns on the ground to earn all-district honors. For Oklahoma State it kept coming back to the facilities for both Drew and his father who was with him on the visit.

"My dad thought the facilities were unbelievable," said Allen. "Especially where they came from and where they are now. It's night and day and it shows a huge commitment to winning. I think they are doing something very cool with that Athletic Village and the baseball stadium and indoor areas fro baseball, track, and tennis. It all blew me away and was so cool."

Allen said he had a chance to meet with athletic director Mike Holder and co-offensive coordinator Gunter Brewer, and he spoke with head coach Mike Gundy.

"Coach Gundy couldn't be there as he was with his family on vacation, but he called and we talked," explained Allen. "That is understandable he has to have some time with his family.

"I had lunch at the football offices with the starting quarterback Zac Robinson and some other players. We even went over and saw where Zac lives and he was great. Coach Brewer and I watched some tape and I know a lot about their offense. They run a lot and the offense was 3,100 and something yards rushing and 3,100 and something passing, exactly balanced.

"I like what they do in the passing game and Coach Brewer told me they run the speed option with the quarterback which is exactly what we do at Alamo Heights. They roll out more than we do, but it works for them."

Allen said he will head home and tell his mom what she missed as she was not able to make the trip. Allen also said the plan is the same for him to figure out his college destination and have a commitment before his senior season is underway.

He also made it clear that he is not going to be an early high school graduate. His reason for making an early decision is to just get it out of the way and allow him to focus on his senior season at Alamo Heights, where they have a chance to have a really good year.

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