Cowboy Football: Summer Update

STILLWATER - With just a couple of weeks left in the strength and conditioning program for the summer for the Oklahoma State football team it is evident that associate athletic director and strength and conditioning coordinator Rob Glass and his staff have done a stout job in preparing this team for the season. Robert Allen takes a look at the Cowboys as the summer workouts near an end.

In Monday's afternoon workout the squad ran through two sets of ladder sprints going from 20 yards to 100 yards and back down again and then repeating it. There were few missed sprints and the ones that were missed were made up.

The team then with through several position specific drills before going full team offense vs. defense. It was non-contact, sort of. There is always a decent amount of bumping around.

Individual players that really stood out in the running included Lucien Antoine. One teammate said, "Michaelangelo could not create a better body."

Antoine is very impressive without his shirt on and may be the guy you want getting off the bus first to put the fear of physical play in the minds of the opposing team. He went through the ladder runs Monday and was barely breathing hard.

Some of the defenders that were right with Antoine included cornerbacks Maurice Gray, Terrence Anderson and Jacob Lacey. Star linebacker Andre Sexton was running really well in the skill players group.

One of the leaders each time was wide receiver Artrell Woods, who seems to have gained virtually all of his lightning speed back following the rehab of the accident in the weight room last summer.

Other offensive players that looked good included running backs Kendall Hunter and Beau Johnson. We had reported that freshman running back Kye Staley had reported heavy, but in less than two weeks Staley has made big gains on his conditioning and looked much improved on Monday.

Tight end Brandon Pettigrew could run in the big skill group but chooses to push himself by running with the skill players and he keeps up. Pettigrew looks tremendous. He may have a freshman keeping him company in the two tight end formations the Cowboys employ because newcomer Cooper Bassett of Tuttle, Okla., continues to impress. Running with the big skill group, he was keeping close with the fastest of the that group, quarterback Zac Robinson.

Bassett is every bit 6-5 1/2 and 238 pounds. He looks as good physically as any freshman reporting in years. Some of the linemen right in there with him are defensive end Nigel Nicholas and offensive lineman Patrick Hoog. Also in the big skill group linebacker Orie Lemon is working extremely hard and looking the better for it.

The linemen as a group look better as every one of the veterans is trimmer and stronger. Keep an eye on Shane Jarka in the improving category and at defensive end redshirt freshmen Richetti Jones and Jamie Blatnick continue to really thrive on the training.

The camraderie that has been talked about throughout the off season and the spring football in the last six months seems to continue as the squad truly seems to like each other. Several players and there were only a few that were struggling were held up and encouraged by teammates during the running on Monday.

All that is left of summer conditioning is the rest of the this week and one more before the squad will break up for a few days before reporting back for preseason camp on July 30.

The Cowboys open the season on national television (Fox Sports Net) on Aug. 30 in Seattle, Wash., against the Washington State Cougars.

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