Big 12 Media Day: Nebraska Cornhuskers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bo Pelini doesn't know where his national championship ring is. The new Nebraska head coach just got the ring from his old job at LSU a few months ago, but Monday when asked he said he doesn't know where it is. It is somewhere in his stuff.

Now, if I had a national championship ring I would know exactly where it was. I'm just that way. No, I don't like jewelry. I don't have an earring, just started wearing a watch five years ago, and went 20 years being married without wearing my wedding ring. A national championship ring, I would wear often. If I were Pelini I would wear it just to remind my new team of what they used to play for. There have been a few rings purchased in Lincoln, but not for some time.

Pelini will come in and revamp a defense that barely, no make that in no way, resembled the Blackshirt defenses of the past at Nebraska. I enjoyed it but readily admit that seeing Oklahoma State annihilate the Huskers last season in Lincoln was weird. Pelini is calm about his task, speaks in solf tones but somewhere must have a big stick.

He is keeping offensive coordinator Shawn Watson, who will pair the offense down from the 250 plays Bill Callahan would try to run to the 50 to 60 plays that make the offense more successful. Quarterback Joe Ganz should have been the guy all year in 2007 and will make a good quarterback in 2008 with plenty of weapons to make the offense go.

The biggest Husker problem is back to the new head coach and defense. Pelini has his work cut out for him as the Huskers moved running back Cody Green to defense in the spring and discovered he was one of their best linebackers. That is a statement about the defense.

Nebraska will be back and Pelini is the right guy to bring them back, but it won't happen overnight. The Huskers were allowed to drift too far to south of Mendoza.

I picked Nebraska third in the North and I'm not totally backing away. I think the Huskers could be anywhere from third to fifth. The stretch of Virginia Tech, Missouri, and at Texas Tech is a tough trio to finish non-conference and start the Big 12.

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