Big 12 Media Day: Cowboys Hit Home Run

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Oklahoma State fans can be proud as head coach Mike Gundy and the three students-athletes that he and associate athletic director Kevin Klintworth brought with them hit a home run. The general consensus of the media attending the Big 12 Conference Media Days was that Gundy and the OSU players are confident, and it is not a false confidence but one that they believe in.

Quarterback Zac Robinson, star linebacker Andre Sexton, and safety Ricky Price all looked into television cameras, reporter's eyes, and radio microphones and said they were ready to challenge the best teams in the South, Texas and Oklahoma, for the crown.

They were dressed sharp, including Gundy is a cream colored suit with yet another attractive orange tie. They had class and were friendly, and unlike some other schools they spoke with every media member wanting some of their time. Class and success in representing yourself and your school is nice, but the fans want the pride that comes from winning football games, lots of them as in more than six or seven.

This Oklahoma State team has worked. They are bigger, stronger and faster, and strength and conditioning coordinator Rob Glass has been thoroughly impressed with the overall work ethic and improvements by the Cowboy roster, all 107 of them that stayed in Stillwater this summer to work. That 107 number is a record and two more than players than can immediately report to preseason camp next Wednesday, July 30.

I picked Oklahoma State fourth in the Big 12 South and I am glad I did. I think they will finish there or maybe better. Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech are all pretty stout, but an upset win could put the Cowboys in contention for the bronze.

Why will Oklahoma State win more games this season than any of the previous three season in the Mike Gundy era?

1. Zac Robinson: He is as big a two-way threat as there is in college football.

2. Skill Players: Kendall Hunter is bigger and just as fast. He and Beau Johnson have to work together to compliment each other. At wide receiver there is a ton of young talent including Dez Bryant, Bo Bowling. And there is tight end Brandon Pettigrew. The feel good story of the year in college football will be Artrell Woods.

3. Offensive Line: The most experienced and deepest group in school history. They will need their own nickname by the time the season is over.

4. Defense: All areas will be better, other than linebacker, and while the players say they expect to be a top 25 percent defense the truth is more like 60 to 70 percent.

5. Lucien Antoine: His hitting and aggressiveness is contagious, and he is around the ball at all times.

I'd like to have more linebackers and defensive linemen but you take what you can and make the most with it.

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