Big 12 Media Day: Iowa State

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As I was walking around trying to chase down coaches and players to interview Wednesday on the final day of the Big 12 Conference Football Media Days I overheard two sports writers talking about their session with Iowa State head coach Gene Chizik. They were complaining about asking question after question and never feeling like they got a straight answer.

I was walking through the TV interview room moments later and there was Chizik sitting in a chair facing a dozen or so cameras, so I stopped and listened. Hey, those writers were right, three questions and three of the most vague answers you could imagine.

As I walked back out into the main hall and over to our radio station's position I ran into University of Texas Longhorn Radio Network broadcast partners Craig Way and Keith Moreland. I told them what I'd heard and seen and listened to myself. After all, Chizik came from Texas where he had served Mack Brown and the 40 acres as defensive coordinator. Both Way and Moreland said that was just Chizik and he treated them the same way for the first nine months he was at Texas.

The way I see it, if you don't give straight answers then you have something to hide or maybe there are no good answers. I know Iowa State is going back to an old school look with the new I-State logo and a deeper, darker cardinal red color. The makeover erases the look of the most successful coach in Iowa State history, Dan McCarney, a man I'm still trying to figure out why he was pushed out the door.

I like Chizik and I think he is a good football coach, but I'd have a chance to be convinced of it if he would let me and the rest of the media into his world, just a little bit.

I know quarterback Bret Meyer is gone, so is all-time leading wide receiver Todd Blythe, and so is tackling machine linebacker Alvin Bowen. I know Oklahomans like wide receiver Marquis Hamilton, defensive end Rashawn Parker, and defensive back Houston Jones are hoping to help this season. I know Iowa State lost loads of experience and talent and may have trouble replenishing the former and even more replenishing the latter.

I know I picked Iowa State sixth and last in the Big 12 North, and I know that since Chizik didn't give me any reason why I should think differently. I don't. Maybe I'll figure out the mystery by the time the Cyclones visit Stillwater on November 1.

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