Cowboy Practice Notes: Aug. 3

After practice Saturday morning there were five confirmed players that had to receive IV fluids to get re-hydrated after the second practice in 15 hours in the extreme conditions. Defensive linemen Jeray Chatham, Richetti Jones and Ugo Chinasa were joined by offensive tackle Russell Okung and tight end Brandon Pettigrew.

Pettigrew has 4.7 percent body fat on a 6-6, 260-pound frame, which is incredible. So, how were the players handling the situation after the Sunday practice? They did have an extended period, some 29 hours, to recover after the practice on Saturday.

First, they were all back at practice and according to head coach Mike Gundy there wasn't a single problem or case of a player having trouble with the heat and conditions.

"I didn't think it was as hot as it was yesterday morning," said Gundy. "The humidity must have been down today. We didn't have any cramps today but we had a longer turnaround than we had on Saturday morning. It was better today."

In case you are wondering Oklahoma State head athletic trainer Rob Hunt called the heat index a "zero index," meaning that with the lower humidity the heat index was the same as the air temperature. In the case of Sunday's practice, 104 degrees was 104 heat index.

Wide Receivers Really Showing Up
Gundy continues to call a lot of names at the wide receiver position and for good reason, a lot of different players are showing up.

There is no doubt that Dez Bryant has made the most plays as he has had some sensational catches and had several on Sunday evening, but Jeremy Broadway, Bo Bowling, Damian Davis, Artrell Woods, Josh Cooper, DeMarcus Coonor, William Cole, Hubert Anyiam, and even freshmen Adrian Richards and Justin Blackmon have received compliments from the head coach.

Gundy also mentioned Isaiah Anderson, another freshman after Saturday's practice. The wide receiver position appears to be loaded based on results so far in practice.

Players Understand Good Work Habits Mean Quick Practice
Another item that Gundy was asked about after the Sunday practice, the fourth of the camp, and usually coming off Media and Fan Appreciation Day, it can be a practice where a few players hit an early wall. Gundy was asked about his daily assessment of effort and enthusiasm and he had a great analogy.

"I feel good about this group and they understand that we have a certain amount of reps and if we get those done then we're off the field," said Gundy. "I think they enjoy knowing that there is a finish. It's almost like mowing the lawn, when you know it's mowed you can walk away so you go faster. The same thing for these players; they know they have X number of reps and when the complete them they're done."

Injured and Departed
Junior tailback Keith Toston was still out Sunday following a slight knee injury from the other day. It is the same knee that Toston had ACL surgery on following an injury at Baylor last season. Gundy told the media he thought that Toston would be out for 10 days.

"He's got a tweaked knee and it wasn't even a contact drill. He just got twisted and it had nothing to do with his previous injury," said Gundy.

Linebacker Tolu Moala was also out Sunday and according to defensive coordinator Tim Beckman, Moala's right shoulder injury will keep him out for an extended period.

One player has left camp as walk-on linebacker Darryl Knight of Guthrie has decided not to stay with the team. The 5-11, 220-pound Knight was a redshirt freshman.

Pat Jones Practice Visitor
Wearing a Fox Sports Net black polo shirt and shorts, former Oklahoma State head coach Pat Jones patrolled the sidelines on the practice field Sunday. Jones was joined by another former OSU coach, former assistant Johnny Barr.

undy came over during a break in practice for the players to get out of the heat and drink Gatorade in the shade. Gundy, Jones, and Barr had a good time conversing. Gundy called the visit by Jones a highlight to the Sunday practice.

"I wasn't aware that he was going to be there," said Gundy. "Dressed in all black he was like the guy that used to coach for the Houston Oilers, Jerry Glanville. I just enjoyed going over there to visit with him and I enjoyed seeing him out there. It's good that he comes back here again. We missed him around here for a long time and it is good that he feels wanted and comfortable in seeing him around."

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