Top 10 Things To Watch Saturday

So what do you focus in on and watch on Saturday in the scrimmage? Here is our Top 10 list for players and positions to watch in the scrimmage, scheduled for 5 p.m. Saturday inside Boone Pickens Stadium.

1. Alex Cate and Brandon Weeden at backup quarterback with the one moving the offense the best being the winner.

2. Defensive tackles and defensive ends, all that are effective go into the rotation.

3. All of the wide receivers, other than Dez Bryant, to figure the pecking order of the receivers.

4. Middle linebacker and the battle between Orie Lemon and newcomer Donald Booker.

5. Lucien Antoine, he's fun to watch but he needs to show he's learning the defense better.

6. Back-up tight end where Wilson Youman is being challenged by freshmen Jamal Mosley and Cooper Bassett.

7. The entire offensive line as offensive line coach Joe Wickline continues to experiment looking for his optimum combination.

8. More specifically the two centers, Andrew Lewis and David Washington.

9. More specifically the two right tackles, Brady Bond and Andrew Mitchell.

10. Travis Miller because he is really fun to watch for a freshman just like Kendall Hunter was last year.

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