Cowboy Practice Report: Aug. 8

STILLWATER - Under very pleasant conditions the Oklahoma State Cowboys continued the August camp workload with a two-hour, 10-minute practice Friday evening that head coach Mike Gundy moved along briskly toward the end.

The anticipation is coming out from all corners as it really appears that Gundy can't wait for Saturday's scrimmage and one player, senior offensive guard Steve Denning, was overheard talking to several offensive line teammates and saying he was ready to go play a game.

You can't blame everybody involved with the football program at this point, nine days and 11 practices into fall drills, to not be a little tired of practice and wanting to "get it on." That said, Gundy did not call the Friday practice a scrimmage prep practice. The Cowboys were in helmets, shoulder pads, and shorts, but it was a regular session with 22 periods of work.

"Not really, it was just a normal practice and we're trying to get as much work done as we can," said Gundy of the fast paced workout. "Installations in and we're just trying to iron out all the details, guys that have made mistakes, and try to create as many repetitions for all of the young guys.

Now it is on to the scrimmage and this will be a major day in working to decide who will be behind quarterback Zac Robinson on the depth chart, junior Alex Cate or redshirt freshman Brandon Weeden.

There won't be any early looks at Washington State either, although the Cougars offense with their new staff is very similar to the Cowboys' spread attack. Saturday's scrimmage will have a vanilla flavor to it.

"Just base offense versus base defense and we'll just let guys play," explained Gundy. "I'm not going to play Zac (Robinson) very much. It is just too risky. I'm going to play Zac a series or two and then I'm going to rotate those guys, ones, twos, ones, twos and then I'm going to ones, twos last series and then we're going to go."

"It's too risky to take the green jerseys off especially in the first scrimmage when the defense is all jacked up and wants to hit somebody," said Gundy or protecting the two other quarterbacks.

With many issues to be decided Saturday on the depth chart the question begs when will the Cowboys go into preparation for the opener with Wazzou in Seattle.

"Probably a week from now, we'll trim back some, probably about a week," answered Gundy.

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