Cowboy Practice Notes: Aug. 15

About 50 to 75 fans in Boone Pickens Stadium for a player generated idea of inviting military, law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs to Friday's practice along with their families. Most of the folks watched all the practice and waited until the end when they were allowed to walkdown on the field to mingle with the players and coaches.

"We had our public service day and had some of the military and policemen and firemen and people that serve our community and don't get enought gratitude for it, so we wanted to do something for them today. It was nice for them to be able to come out with their kids and spend some time with the players. It was a good day," said Cowboy head coach Mike Gundy.

Looking across the field there were several players that you could see were really getting into it. The words "thank you" were heard many times coming out of the mouths of Cowboy players and coaches.

No Movie for Gundy
A couple of years ago, Mike Gundy did get a kick out of Ricky Bobby in the movie Talledega Nights, so how about another Will Ferrell offering, Step Brothers? Did Gundy get to go with his players to Thursday night's movie?

"No, I had to speak to the Alpha freshmen at 7:30, so I didn't get to go with the team," said Gundy of missing the Step Brothers, the latest Will Ferrell flick. "We finished meetings and I had to stay here and do that. The players really had fun at the movie. I talked to several of them and they love those movies with that crazy guy, whoever he is, Will Ferrell. They have a lot of fun with those movies."

Gundy Confirms Will Cole Knee Injury
> "Will Cole is done for the season," said Gundy. "They won't know until they get inside but they are pretty sure that he had a season-ending injury, probably five months, something like that and he'll be back out here.

"They are pretty sure it is a season-ending injury. Once they tell me that I don't ask the details until they do the surgery and it should take five to seven days for the swelling to go down before they will be able to go in there (to perform surgery on his right knee)."

Gundy said it happened on a normal football play with Cole catching a pass and trying to make a cut and it was not on a hit by a defender. Gundy said he thought OSU team orthorpedic surgeon Dr. Mark Pascale would do the surgery, but wasn't sure. He said Cole was handling the setback well so far.

"He is doing well. It is important that our team take good care of him right now. They are going to have to keep him in the loop," Gundy said. "An injury like that to an athlete is a difficult situation because they are out here performing and doing something they love and, at times, when they can't control their own destiny and something has stopped them, it is not easy for them to handle.

"His mental frame of mind was pretty good but he'll go through a time here in the next week or so where he'll be a little depressed. But we have a good group of guys on this team and good chemistry and it is up to them to keep him in the loop."

Cole, out of Cedar Hill, Texas, where he led his team to a state championship as a quarterback, played last season, so he has a redshirt year. Gundy confirmed he would use that redshirt on this season giving him three seasons to play in the future.

Field Goals or Kickoffs?
Returning kicker Dan Bailey continues to hang on to the kicking chores in fall camp as he battles with freshman standout Quinn Sharp. Bailey kicked off last season starting with the Kansas State game and picked up the field goal duties following the Texas game. Special teams coordinator Joe DeForest has liked keeping those duties split among two players, but it may not be case this season.

"That is all well and good and I'm just going to keep working hard on both positions (placements and kickoffs) and if he wants me doing kickoffs then I'll do that and if he wants me doing both then I'll do both," said Bailey. "I've been focusing on equal amount of time on both and doing the best I can and whatever happens, happens."

Big Praise for Pettigrew
Everybody knows All-Big 12 tight end Brandon Pettigrew is vitally important to the Cowboy football team. Quarterback Zac Robinson has high praise for his tight end.

"I've said it before, that he is kind of the glue that holds everything together and keeps us going whether it's blocking something up on option, pass protecting or whatever, he is probably one of the best blockers we've got regardless of the position," said Robinson. "Then, obviously, what he does with the ball in his hands and running good routes he is an unbelievable player when it comes to that. He definitely takes the pressure off of me."

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